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The Two Week Diet is a book that delineates a diet plan called “The Ultimate New York Body Plan.” The book is written by David Kirsch and is supposed to be the same diet used by many celebrities as well as the Extreme Makeover television show. The Two Week Diet book is supposed to step the reader through a two week program to help learn the diet rituals and the exercise routines to get the body in shape for good. The book claims that the Ultimate New York Body Plan will create the outcomes the eternal dieter has been looking for. The book claims to contain a plan for losing weight and defining the body shape through muscle toning. The book also states the reader will have increased energy and will feel better in general.

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The book provides a Nutrition Tool that is supposed to help the reader through 14 days of menus and meal plan recipes. The companion website provides a daily recipe guide on their home page as well. The Ultimate New York Body plan is not supposed to be based on starvation techniques. The sample menus do include everyday type foods that many average Americans may enjoy eating such as Asian Chicken, Tuna Salads and Mediterranean Chicken Stir Fry. The author also includes foods that he claims a dieter should not eat when trying to lose weight. This is called the Kirsch ABCDEF method in which the letters help dieters to remember to stay away from alcoholic beverages, breads, any dairy item and fruits. This is not new information, however some people might benefit from the memorization technique. The plan does require commitment to get through the complete system.

The book begins with the reader taking a fitness test to determine the starting point. Then exercise is provided depending on the individuals level of fitness. The companion website can be used to record progress and receive feedback.

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  • The exercise routine is customized to the readers own needs without the expense of a personal trainer.
  • The Two Week Diet book is written by a reputable expert in the weight maintenance and fitness industry.


  • The weight maintenance plan requires continuous use of a protein shake which can be costly.


The Two Week Diet book is based on the Ultimate New York Body Plan that is supposed to be used by television celebrities. The book does have several recipes and food choices that may be nutritious. The continued weight maintenance plan requires the use of protein shakes which may get boring and expensive. The user must login their information into the website in order to get feedback from the program.

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