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T-X by ALR Industries is a fat loss and thyroid support system. The thyroid gland, found in our necks, controls how fast we make protein, burn energy and how sensitive we are to other hormones. The T-X formula promises to help burn calories, oxidize fat, build muscles, promote testosterone in men, modulate hormones in women, and preserve thyroid levels. ALR claims to do this by combining thyroid analogs with compounds. The formula contains 2 thyroid analogs, an amino acid, a chemical cousin of DHEA, and a few exotic extracts.

The T-X product is aimed more at bodybuilders and those wanting to increase muscle mass than those wanting to lose weight. The product is only to be taken for 3 to 6 weeks with a 3 to 4 week break in supplementation.

T-X is to be taken as 1 pill, three times a day. The product sells for $60.99 for a 30 day supply.


The ingredient list for T-X includes Anti-Catabolic Thyroidal Lipolytic Proprietary Matrix: Tyrosine, Clary Sage Extract, Bladderwrack, Olive Leaf Extract, BAET ECPE, Piperine, 0-(4-Hydrox-3-iodophenyl)-3-L-tyrosine formula, Diprop,and Triprop.

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T-X’s two main ingredients are DiProp and TriProp, which are thyroid analogs. These two natural occurring compounds increase the metabolic rate by increasing the demand for calories. This statement lacks any clinical studies. The animo acid Tyrosine however has been backed by numerous studies suggesting it is a building block for protein synthesis. ALR states that the ingredient Clary Sage decreases fat by triggering a fat burning enzyme. This is only a theory considering ALR bases this on the fact that Clary Sage’s chemical structure is similar to a fat burning hormone. ALR’s claim that Beta-AET ECPE supports muscle cell building and thyroid function is backed by “studies”. However, the company does not list any specifics on this study.

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  • Website provides frequently asked questions.
  • There is an official website for the product.
  • Ingredient list is offered.


  • Website provides no free samples or money back guarantees.
  • Supplement is aimed at bodybuilders and not those wanting to lose weight.
  • Instructions include stacking the product with other supplements and may be costly.


T-X is on to something: it targets the thyroid, which is a part of our bodies we don’t know much about. This triggers interest in the product because it seems to be very innovative when compared to products saturated with stimulants and exotic ingredients. However, this breed doesn’t stray too far. All of its ingredients lack any clinical studies backing their claims, making T-X less innovative and less likely to succeed as a fat burner. The product aims to boost muscle building in the bodybuilder and not reduce body weight in a person simply trying to lose weight.

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