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The Tyra Banks Diet is the way of eating and exercising that former supermodel Tyra Banks uses to keep herself in shape. She teamed up with Heather Bauer, the author of the Wall Street Diet, also reviewed here on DietSpotlight, to develop the plan to suit her fast paced lifestyle. She used the plan to lose 30 pounds and wants to now share it with others who struggle with weight issues on a daily basis. The diet promises to use healthy and nutritious foods to help you lose weight, rather than using the deprivation and fad tactics you see in many diets.

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The Tyra Banks Diet focuses on healthy nutrition and exercise. Her personal chef Heather Bauer has prepared various meals for her from several cookbooks. Her eating plan focuses on foods that are whole, fresh, and taste good. She eats a lot of fruit and vegetables, including mango, papaya, and salads. In addition to eating whole, healthy and fresh foods, Banks also makes exercising a priority for her health. She makes it a point to get at least one hour of cardiovascular exercise in her daily routine. She does this by walking or running, which she does either on a treadmill inside, or outside when the weather allows. There is no mention of strength training in her program, but this is necessary for people who want to build muscle in addition to burning fat.

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  • The Tyra Banks Diet focuses on eating healthy, nutritious foods to change your health and body image.
  • Banks’ honesty about her weight and body image issues shows that not even models are immune to the struggle.


  • The Tyra Banks Diet has yet to be developed into an organized plan for others to follow.
  • This diet appeals to women, but not men.
  • This diet calls for people to have access to a dietician and chef, which most people do not have and cannot afford.


The Tyra Banks Diet has helped Tyra lose the 30 pounds she gained over the course of 2007 and 2008 that lead to her appearance being securitized by the media. The program helped her and can help you, but it has yet to be developed into an organized plan for others to follow. What matters if you want to lose weight is a healthy, balanced, reduced calorie diet full of produce, lean protein, and whole grains. You should also do a lot of exercise, focusing on strength training and aerobics to help burn fat and build muscle. For more weight loss than with dieting and exercise alone, you should also consider adding a fat burner or appetite suppressant weight loss supplement to your daily regimen.

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