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A tyramine-free diet is often recommended for patients who suffer from frequent migraines or those taking an MAOI. Apparently, tyramines that are found in certain foods can aggravate certain medical conditions like migraines. Some medications, like MAOIs can also inhibit the metabolism of tyramine in the body, which can lead to elevated levels and that possibility of unpleasant side effects. We found little in the research to suggest that a tyramine-free diet will be particularly helpful in weight loss. However, we will take a closer look at what the diet entails to see if any weight loss benefits could be experienced by adhering to this rather restrictive diet program.

The tyramine-free diet consists of a rather long list of foods that should be avoided. These foods include a number of cheeses and other dairy products, alcoholic beverages including draft beer, meats (especially the canned variety), fish and some types of produce. We are a bit concerned that healthy fare like spinach and bananas are on this list, since those who don’t have a problem with tyramine would be missing out on some significant nutrients by giving up these foods. We also believe that the diet is very restrictive, making it difficult for many to stick with the program if they don’t have a specific medical reason to do so.

for the tyramine-free diet.

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Information about the tyramine-free diet can be found online at no charge. However, it is a good idea to talk to your doctor before starting a tyramine-free diet, since the program is not appropriate for everyone. Your doctor may even recommend the diet if you fall into one of the categories listed above.

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  • The tyramine-free diet may be an effective method for preventing migraines in some cases.
  • The diet restricts some less healthy fare like canned meats and pre-packaged foods.
  • Information about this diet can be obtained on the Internet for free.


  • The tyramine-free diet does not appear to promote weight loss as one of its benefits.
  • This diet may not be appropriate for everyone.
  • The restriction of so many foods may be a turn-off for some dieters.
  • Exercise and supplements are not included with this diet program.


The tyramine-free diet may be a good solution for some with specific medical conditions or those on certain medications. In many of these instances, a doctor may recommend the tyramine-free diet as part of an overall medical plan. However, this diet does not appear to offer much to promote weight loss and the restrictive nature of the program may make it impractical for most dieters. We believe there are better roads to weight loss that include a low calorie diet, daily exercise and a proven supplement that will give dieters the needed edge to reach their weight loss goals. Use the tyramine-free diet if you have a specific medical condition, but look elsewhere for your weight loss needs.

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  • 1

    Can anyone tell me if I can have nuts. It seems like each list I read has a few different things


  • 2
    Toni Ballez

    can I consume cream cheese or drink decaffinatedd coffe?


  • 3
    karen H

    looking for recipes tyramine free. when cooked how is tyramine in alcohol affected in foods. is it safe to eat?


  • 4
    karen H

    Does anyone have any suggestions for tyramine free recipes either online, homemade recipes or tyramine free cookbooks that hav esome good tasting recipes? If there is small amount of win in dijon mustard is it enough to cause an interaction with MAOI inhibitor medications? When alchohol is cooked how does this effecr tyramine properties? lower or higher. Lastly any ideas to spice up food would be appreciated and if you have some salad dressing that are tyramine fre please let me know. Thanks K?H



    nita alcohol when cooked still contains tyramine…so, stay away from alcohol all together!!!


  • 5
    Judy Nicewinter

    What foods can we have on a Tyramine free diet?