ULean Topical Patches Review

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Selecting a diet pill is not as easy as it may sound. Especially when there are hundreds of diet products available nowadays. After all, this takes some serious time and research. The last thing you want is to spend a lot of money on a weight loss supplement that does not work. In this review, we are going to give you the rundown on uLean Topical Patches. As you may have noticed, there are a variety of weight loss patches available at this point. As for uLean Topical Patches, this product sells for $32.99.


  • Green Coffee Extract 100mg
  • Raspberry Ketone 400mg

Product Features

uLean Topical Patches are available through dealers like GNC and Amazon. Instead of swallowing a capsule or tablet, you simply place one of these patches on your body. This way the ingredients absorb directly into your skin. It is emphasized that natural ingredients are used in these patches. You receive 30 patches in a box, in addition to a meal plan and fitness tips. A new patch is used every 24 hours. It is encouraged to drink at least eight cups of water each day, and use these patches for at least 120 days.

There are only two key ingredients mentioned for uLean Topical Patches. These are Raspberry Ketone and Green Coffee Extract. Raspberry Ketone is often used in modern weight loss supplements, and it is supposed to assist by breaking up fat cells so they can be utilized as energy. As for Green Coffee Extract, this contains caffeine, and may increase the metabolism, while reducing the amount of fat your body absorbs. Both Green Coffee and Green Tea Extracts are often used in weight loss products.

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  • The ingredients may enter the bloodstream more quickly through the skin.
  • These patches are okay for women and men alike.


  • The caffeine in these patches may lead to some side effects.
  • Some dieters may prefer a pill that is taken orally.
  • You have to replace the patch for at least 120 days in a row, depending on your results.
  • There is no mention of a satisfaction guarantee with uLean Topical Patches.


The first thing you must consider is whether or not you are willing to wear and reapply a patch every day. This may get old fast. Furthermore, you should keep in mind that these uLean Topical Patches are on you all day and night, which means the caffeine used in this product may lead to side effects like insomnia. Moreover, these patches may cause other side effects in some dieters. On a final note, there is no satisfaction guarantee provided with this weight loss patch.

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