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Ultima Patch is another one of the many patch weight loss products that you’ll find on the market. You stick it on your body and leave it for three days at a time. It’s supposed to somehow make you lose weight. It is supposedly made out of natural ingredients and contains nothing that is questionable for your health.

List of Ingredients

The ULTIMA PATCH contains the following ingredients: guarana, green tea, and bladderwrack.

Product Features

The ULTIMA PATCH does not have anything unique to offer in comparison to other weight loss patches, and other weight loss supplements. Most weight loss patches are no longer available due to the fact that they did not produce any real results and consumers became wise to the game to the point where there has been a ban on advertising products of this nature. Gaurana is a stimulant, thought to boost the metabolism to help you burn more fat. Green Tea is a natural source of caffeine, also a stimulant thought to boost the metabolism to help you burn more fat. Bladderwrack is an edible seaweed that is thought to help treat conditions of the thyroid but has not been clinically proven to assist with weight loss in any manner. Even if there were enough of these ingredients to produce results, the way the body absorbs ingredients through the skin and by taking a pill are completely different, and what works one way may or may not work another. Just because you can take a supplement by mouth and get results does not mean you will get the same results through the skin, and vice versa. None of these ingredients are likely to produce any real weight loss results, and the stimulant heavy formula may cause may negative side effects including: headache, jitters, insomnia, and irritability.

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  • The ULTIMA PATCH is clear so it is discrete.
  • Each patch lasts for three days.


  • The ULTIMA PATCH is no longer available.
  • The transdermal delivery method may not be effective for weight loss.
  • There are complaints about unauthorized charges on customer’s credit cards.
  • This product provides no proof of the results.
  • There were no free trials of the patch.
  • Negative customer testimonials.
  • Stimulant based formulas are known for negative side effects.
  • No mention of diet or exercise you should follow while using the patch suggests weight loss will occur effortlessly.


The ULTIMA PATCH is not a good idea if you are looking for a weight loss supplement. Not only are they no longer available, but there is a major reason why they are no longer on the market. Whether it be unfair advertising practices, bad side effects, fraud, or a combination of all of those, it does not matter, because it is not safe for you. We tend not to recommend products that claim you can lose weight without diet and exercise, as this is not the case. No matter what supplement you use, ensure you are covered by a money back guarantee and are provided with clinical proof of its safety and effectiveness.

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