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Organica Research has developed a formula called the Ultimate Colon Cleanse. The dietary supplement is supposed to clean the colon in order to help with weight loss and improved health. The cleanser is a 30 day regimen that is supposed to help jump start a diet plan or to provide the user with a feeling of overall better health. The cleanser claims to help detoxify the body. There are three formulas included in the Ultimate Colon Cleanse plan. The company claims the product is fast working and yields fast results.

List Of Ingredients

The Internal Cleansing Fiber, Anti-Parasite Support, and Nighttime Cleansing Tea are the three formulas that make up the system. The formulas are supposed to have their own active ingredients. The list of ingredients for each is very long. The primary ingredients in each one are:Internal Cleansing Fiber: (Psyllium Husks, Marshmallow Root) that is supposed to loosen and remove built up toxins and waste. This can be harsh if it really does work the company claims this is the reason they added soothing ingredients (Guar Gum, Slippery Elm Bark, Licorice Root, and others). Anti-Parasite Support : herbal ingredients that are claimed to be able to kill parasites. Nighttime Cleansing Tea formula is said to be made up of a blend of herbs that are supposed to promote purging. The formula is developed to work over night and produce a bowel movement in the morning. The tea uses Senna Leaf as a main ingredient.

Product Features

The Organica Research company markets the cleanser as being able to alleviate several different types of illnesses or conditions. Some of the conditions the formula is supposed to help with are “irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, stomach pain, sluggishness, digestive problems, parasite infection, excess weight, bad breath, swollen belly, hemorrhoids, yeast infections, and the common cold.” The company maintains that a healthy colon that is cleansed with lead to good health.

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  • The Ultimate Colon Cleanse appears to be made from all natural ingredients.
  • The Ultimate Colon Cleanse is supposed to help with several different health issues.


  • The scientific community does not agree with the need for a person to cleanse the colon in any way to achieve good health.
  • The Ultimate Colon Cleanse contains three different products which may get confusing.


People who consider taking a colon cleansing product may be satisfied with the Ultimate Colon Cleanse. However, there is no evidence to support the need to cleanse the colon or that the procedure will improve health. The regimen takes 30 days to complete which is a long time to take a laxative type product. People who have health conditions may wish to discuss the cleanser with their health care professional before beginning the formulas provided by the Ultimate Colon Cleanse.

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