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The Ultimate GI Jeans Diet is a book written by Rosemary Conley. She is also the author of other diet plan books and exercise manuals as well as cookbooks. Ms. Conley is from the United Kingdom and may be the region’s leading diet and fitness expert. She has been a diet and fitness expert for more than 35 years. The author has her own website that supports her books and lifestyle. The site provides access to fitness products, Ms. Conley’s book line, cooking supplies and facial skin care products. The items usually are accompanied by a video of Ms. Conley discussing the product. Visiting Conely‚Äôs website reveals the entrepreneurial spirit that is apparently behind all her success. The Ultimate GI Jeans Diet, according to the website, is based on the original book with a similar title “GI Jeans Diet.” The GI is short for glycemic index developed originally to help people with blood sugar disorders control individual insulin levels. The diet is supposed to use the index for a healthy eating plan that is suppose to allow the dieter to lose weight, control hunger and increase energy naturally.

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The Ultimate GI Jeans Diet is based on the glycemic index. This means the plan focuses on controlling carbohydrates. The book primarily recommends people choose low calorie, high nutrient carbohydrates such as wholegrain brown breads instead of white, sweet potatoes instead of white and high fiber cereal. The book is suppose to help the reader learn to read food labels to be able to distinguish between good and bad oils, high and low fat and high and low carbs. Recipes are included in the book that some people think make the meals more interesting. Ms. Conley claims to not buy in to quick fix weight loss approaches but says she prefers methods that will yield long term results.

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  • The Ultimate GI Jeans Diet book has recipes to help follow the plan.
  • The diet will take dedication to follow and lose weight.
  • An overall more healthy weight and lifestyle might be realized.


  • The Ultimate GI Jeans Diet doesn’t seem to offer anything new.
  • There are many low carb diets on the market.
  • The plan appears to be a one size fits all approach.


The Ultimate GI Jeans Diet book was written by Rosemary Conley. She is the author of several diet books however, her methods do not appear to be supported by definitive scientific research. The glycemic index diets are plentiful and there appears to be nothing new in this book. The diet plans are used to help control insulin levels but there is nothing to substantiate a claim about the meal plans being effective in people with stable insulin levels.

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