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Ultimate Nutrition Carb Bloc is a white kidney bean supplement that claims to block carbohydrates from being digested by the stomach. If the carbohydrates are not digested, they are pushed out of the body and no calories are absorbed and fat is not stored. If taking a white kidney bean extract was all it took to lose weight, there would be no overweight people in the world, so what is wrong with this supplement?

List of Ingredients

White Kidney Bean Extract.

Product Features

Dieters can search for carb blockers and return thousands of supplements that contain white kidney bean extract. The theory behind this supplement is the fact that white kidney bean, also referred to as Phaseolus Vulgaris, is supposed to stop carbohydrates from being utilized for fuel. The body then MUST turn to fats for fuel and fat burn starts. Ultimate Nutrition Carb Bloc does not block carbohydrates in this manner, but there is a healthy side to the supplement.

While white kidney bean extract, like that used in Ultimate Nutrition Carb Bloc, does not stop carbohydrates from being metabolized, it may stop them from being broken into many tiny pieces of carbohydrate. Researchers found an enzyme in white kidney bean extract that stops the cutting process of carbohydrates and thus the carbs are kept long. Longer carbohydrates burn off much faster thus the body needs an alternative fuel and it turns to fat.

The good side of Ultimate Nutrition Carb Bloc does have a bad side. If carbohydrates are burned off faster it could cause a sudden drop in blood glucose levels and cause rebound hunger. This would drive the dieter to eat more carbohydrates and the same process would repeat. Experts note white kidney bean extract may help to keep blood sugar levels lower, but that would depend on how many carbohydrates the dieter ate after taking the supplement.

Diabetics and pregnant women should not take Ultimate Nutrition Carb Bloc or any white kidney bean extract. The only known side effect is a mild form of nausea.

Ultimate Nutrition Carb Bloc sells for $8.89 from an outside retailer. On the official website for Ultimate Nutrition, the same product sells for $14.95.

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  • May help stop carbohydrates from breaking into smaller pieces.
  • Faster carbohydrate metabolism.


  • The official website sells the product for more than outside websites.
  • There is a chance rebound hunger will cause overeating.
  • The product does not block carbohydrates.


Thanks to scientific research we can better understand how the enzymes from white kidney bean extract work to boost weight loss. Unfortunately, Ultimate Nutrition Carb Bloc will not be the wonder pill some dieters are looking for and carbohydrate control must still be practiced.

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