Ultimate Nutrition Diet Ripped Review

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The Ultimate Nutrition Diet Ripped is a dietary supplement marketed primarily to the body building community. The diet supplement is supposed to be helpful to the ordinary dieter as well. Ultimate Nutrition is the name of the company promoting the Diet Ripped product. The supplement seems to be targeted to people who want to shed fat for any reason. The supplement’s ingredients are supposed to be aimed at enhancing the users fat burning process and controlling the appetite.

List Of Ingredients

Diet Ripped reported ingredients are: glucomannan and green tea. Glucomannan is suppose to be able to stabilize and control the users appetite by binding to the stomachs moisture and forming a gel like mass that makes the user feel full. Green tea is thought to also work as an appetite controller through affecting the brains hunger reflex. Caffeine is also found in some Green tea. It is unclear if the Green Tea in Diet Ripped contains the stimulant or not.

Product Features

Ultimate Nutrition states the supplement is only beneficial when used in conjunction with an appropriate workout routine and positive diet habits. It is unclear if the product will help the dieter above what the exercise and diet would normally accomplish on their own. Additionally, the user must drink a lot of water. The drinking of water also helps to control the appetite so again it is unclear if the supplement will increase this capability or not. The company claims the user will not experience side effects such as anxiety or nervousness. However, this may be a more believable claim if the company stated the green tea was caffeine free.

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  • Ultimate Nutrition recommends diet and exercise to be used in conjunction with the supplements.
  • The company has a variety of products they offer.
  • The Diet Ripped by Ultimate Nutrition does not appear to be a lose weight fast diet trick.


  • The Diet Ripped appears to be similar to many other supplements available on the market.
  • The supplement may contain a caffeine stimulant.
  • There is no data or clinical trials to back up the information and claims made by Ultimate Nutrition.


Ultimate Nutrition has created a diet supplement called Diet Ripped. The supplement is supposed to aid in weight loss through burning calories, controlling appetite and making people feel full longer. The company states the product will only work in conjunction with a nutritional diet, appropriate exercise and the user drinking plenty of water. However, these three components are proven to decrease the appetite and increase calorie burning on their own. There is no evidence to support Ultimate Nutrition’s claims that the use of their product will aid in the process any more than without it.

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