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Ultimate Nutrition Fat Bloc makes the same claims a thousand other fat blockers make every day. The supplements claim to block some of the fat intake so dieters can eat some of the foods they like and not worry about the extra fat in their weight loss diet. There are also manufacturers that make even bigger claims like blocking all fat consumed from being digested.

List of Ingredients

Vitamin C and Chitosan.

Product Features

The shells of crustaceans like shrimp and crabs are used for Chitosan supplements. Clinical studies have been performed on both animals and humans with mixed results. Some researchers claim the weight loss was significant, while others say weight loss was clinically insignificant. It is widely accepted, however, that weight loss benefits associated with Chitosan have not been undeniably proven in humans.

What may be more important about Chitosan is the fact that it is a fiber. Fiber may be helpful during weight loss if consumed in the right amounts at the right time. When fiber is consumed about 30 minutes before a meal, it passes through the stomach and into the digestive system. Fiber takes much longer to digest when compared to other food. When the meal is eaten, there is less room so it takes less food to fill the stomach. Food also empties slower from the stomach when fiber is consumed because there is nowhere for it to go until the intestine is done digesting the fiber.

Vitamin C is the only other ingredient in Ultimate Nutrition Fat Bloc. Vitamin C has no effect on fat binding or metabolism. It is not typically used as a weight loss supplement.

Ultimate Nutrition Fat Bloc sells for $19.95 on the official website and $10.95 on third-party vitamin retailer websites.

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  • Ingredients are listed on the Ultimate Nutrition website.
  • Chitosan is a good source of fiber.
  • Fiber can work as an appetite suppressant.


  • Chitosan is not going to block fat from being digested.
  • The price is far too expensive for a supplement that will not work.


There are far too many “fat blockers” on the market. None of these supplements work as described though they may provide a healthy source of fiber to suppress appetite. Chitosan has been proven in some studies to increase weight loss but there are an equal number of studies that claim it has no effect on fat. We like it as a source of fiber, but there is no other reason why a dieter would pay for this supplement when fiber can be purchased for far less.

Effective diet supplements will include proven ingredients with clinical backing. Such ingredients include green tea and caffeine. It is also important to find products with testimonials and guarantees.

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