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What You Should Know

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Ultimate Nutrition Red Zone claims to use all-natural grape extract to promote weight loss and energy. Grape extract may be a fantastic source of anti-oxidants but weight loss is not associated directly with anti-oxidants. The ingredient label reveals nothing spectacular as the supplement is a normal combination of caffeine and white willow bark with the addition of grape extract – not the be confused with grape seed extract.

The official website does list all ingredients and sells all products through an online store. The Ultimate Nutrition Red Zone supplement sells for $54.95 for 120 capsules.

List of Ingredients

Fatigue Delay Complex: Beta Alanine.

Calorie Burning Complex: Cayenne Pepper, Asian Ginseng Powder, White Willow Bark, Red Tea Extract, Kola Nut Powder, Evodia Extract, Ginger Root Powder, Black Pepper Extract.

Power Enhancing Complex: PowerGrape and Caffeine.

Product Features

Looks can be deceiving as we find out the ingredients in Ultimate Nutrition Red Zone are not as flashy as the website and bottle. The Calorie Burning Complex is the most important as it contains the heart of the fat burner. We found nothing new with white willow bark, kola nut powder and black pepper extract all common ingredients used in nearly every other weight loss supplement.

White willow bark is a natural form of aspirin used to fight off aches and pains or thin the blood for quicker ingredient spread. Kola nut powder is caffeine and black pepper extract is a thermogenic. Black pepper is gaining popularity as there are no stimulant side effects, but it has shown positive clinical results when tested in a weight loss environment. Cayenne pepper is also included in the supplement – also proven effective for increased weight loss.

PowerGrape is an ingredient unique to Ultimate Nutrition Red Zone. PowerGrape, a Naturex product, is an anti-oxidant that works to protect the body against oxidation. No weight loss benefits claimed from the official website. Rounding out the list is the old standby caffeine, proven to boost metabolism, but we have no idea how much caffeine is in this product.

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  • Caffeine will increase metabolism.
  • Anti-oxidants are good for total body health.
  • Black pepper and cayenne pepper may increase fat burn without stimulation.


  • $54.95 is too much to pay for a product that is not highly effective.
  • Only a few proven ingredients are included to boost weight loss.


Ultimate Nutrition Red Zone has a bigger bark than bite. The supplement label looks like it was pulled from a major stimulant product line, but the entire product contains is a few mild stimulants, a couple mild fat burners and a strong anti-oxidant. The manufacturer uses proprietary blends so we cannot even judge how much caffeine is included and whether it will be effective.

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