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The Ultimate Tea Diet is a diet based on drinking tea, designed to help you get the health benefits of tea ranging from disease prevention to increased weight loss over a shorter period of time. If you are an avid tea drinker, then you may want to consider reading this review to find out more about how you can use this to your advantage to reach your weight loss goals.

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The Ultimate Tea Diet essentially involves drinking a lot of tea. You are to choose a caffeinated tea of your liking, such as green tea, black tea, or oolong tea, and drink at least 8 cups of it per day. You are supposed to drink it hot. For maximum benefit, you are supposed to avoid adding a lot of cream and sugar to the tea, because this adds calories and fat and can defeat the purpose of the diet. While you are on the Ultimate Tea Diet, you are supposed to follow the eating plan laid out by the authors of the book. You will also get advice on how to choose the right kinds of tea, including tea to help you reduce cravings for foods such as sweets and fatty items to help you prevent breaking away from your diet. There are not really details of the diet itself and how it works.

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  • The Ultimate Tea Diet can help you reap the various health benefits of tea.
  • Tea contains high levels of antioxdiants, which can help combat many different chronic diseases.


  • The Ultimate Tea Diet does not help you with the exercise component of weight loss.
  • Some people may find it hard or even impossible to drink that much hot tea every day.
  • For people who drink coffee, making the switch to tea may be difficult.
  • Drinking too much caffeine can cause negative side effects, including: headache, jitters, irritability and insomnia.
  • Drinking too much caffeine can dehydrate the body, so it is important to be sure you are drinking plenty of water, too.


The Ultimate Tea Diet is a diet we have trouble recommending, based on the lack of information about the diet itself. We don’t know if you are required to completely eliminate food groups from your diet, or if you have to closely watch your caloric intake. While tea may be good for you, drinking that much tea every day for an indefinite amount of time may be difficult or impossible for you. It is also important to exercise on a regular basis to help increase your weight loss efforts, and there is a distinct lack of information on exercise in this book.

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