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Ultimate Weight Solution is a weight loss book created by Dr. Phil, of Oprah and day time talk show fame. This book claims to give readers all the information they might need to break out of the “weight loss rollercoaster” that so many dieters experience, as well as show what types of foods are the best for people trying to lose weight.

Dr. Phil is very popular as an expert on relationships, but we aren’t sure what his qualifications are in the diet department. He is well known for being a “straight-talker” so we assume the book will be fairly blunt and may appeal to those who don’t want to just read study after study.

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N/A. Ultimate Weight Loss is a book.

Product Features

Ultimate Weight Solution uses seven specific points to help you change the way that you see diets and to help readers understand themselves better. There is a lot of emphasis on positive thinking. This book may help you learn specific ways to deal with emotional eating, which can involve techniques such as substitution. Instead of eating an entire pizza, take the dog for a walk to a pizza shop and eat one slice. To counter impulse eating, you simply get all of the junk food out of the house. A lot of this stuff isn’t really new information but it might be presented in a way that is new and interesting.

A big point in the Ultimate Weight Loss book is what people don’t like to hear. Exercise. The book states “There is absolutely no way you can control your weight for a lifetime without it”. You will find many tips on how to create and sustain an active exercise regimen that focuses on a network of support. There is a large portion of the book dedicated to outlining different types of food as well. It’s beneficial to eat foods that take a long time to prepare, as opposed to something convenient, colorful foods are better for you than boring foods, and similar information. The Ultimate Weight Loss book also has many case studies listed as well as fun tests you can take for yourself.

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  • May help dieters to up their emotional and psychological drive to succeed.
  • You won’t have to count calories.


  • We don’t know if Dr. Phil really has any diet experience at all.
  • Uses Dr. Phil’s highly recognizable name and doesn’t offer much new information at all.
  • No diet aids to help suppres cravings, which makes it a dubious choice for users who have not had success with previous willpower based diets.


Ultimate Weight Loss will appeal to Dr. Phil fans, there is no doubt about that. The good thing is, if you are a Dr. Phil fan, you might be more likely to take the time to read this entire book and follow its suggestions. We highly recommend using a diet supplement in addition to what the Ultimate Weight Loss book suggests so you can experience a greater amount of weight loss in a lesser amount of time.

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