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You will not have much difficulty finding a book on dieting or weight loss. The truth is there are plenty to choose from at your local bookstore or even online. One text that you should not have any trouble spotting on Amazon.com is The Ultimate Weight Solution, The Seven Keys to Weight Loss Freedom. This book was written by Phil McGraw and is available at varying prices, depending upon whether you prefer a new copy or not. It is 320 pages and written in English.

The author of The Ultimate Weight Solution is a self-improvement guru and has appeared on Oprah’s television show in the past. The core focus of this book is naturally to assist men and women with healthy weight reduction. Although the process may not be fast, it is claimed to be effective and long-term. The seven steps to The Ultimate Weight Solution involve adopting positive thinking habits, discarding emotional eating, changing your current environment, mastering random or impulse eating habits, choosing foods wisely, starting to exercise, and putting together a support group. The steps are explained in better detail inside the book and actual studies are presented.

Product Features

The Ultimate Weight Solution is a text that focuses on real weight loss through a seven-step method. The foods encouraged in this plan are high in fiber, yet low in calories. The users are essentially supposed to adopt permanent healthy eating habits that emphasize nutritional value, but not loads of calories. Although there is not an actual guarantee for weight loss with The Ultimate Weight Solution text, there are numerous reviews for the book left on Amazon.com, which may give some individuals an idea of what to expect from the book.

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  • Once you purchase The Ultimate Weight Solution, you no longer have to purchase any other supplements or products.
  • There are plenty of positive reviews offered for this book on websites like Amazon.com where it is sold.


  • Some dieters may prefer a more simplified supplement formula, which is not included with The Ultimate Weight Solution book.
  • This type of weight loss plan calls for a rather significant change in lifestyle, which some dieters may not prefer.
  • There is no 100 percent satisfaction guarantee provided with this diet book.
  • There are no fat burning pills or supplements to suppress hunger incorporated into The Ultimate Weight Solution method.


For those who are seeking out some kind of book to aid them in the weight loss process, The Ultimate Weight Solution text may be right for you. It is just important to realize that you are going to have to read the book and then attempt to incorporate the methods into your everyday life in order to be fully successful. For some this may sound okay and for others it may sound nearly impossible. It all just depends on what you are looking for to address your weight loss. Finally, keep in mind that there are many other books to choose from as well when it comes to dieting.

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