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Ultra 90 Review - Does This Weight-Loss Supplement Work? Are lack of information and ineffectiveness deal breakers?

Editor's Review: 3.4 / 5.0

ultra-90-product-imageThere’s a bit of intrigue surrounding Ultra 90, so we focused on ingredients, side effects, clinical research and customer service. We also read hundreds of user comments and reviews from top to bottom. We then condensed and refined to give you the info you need.

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What You Need to Know

First off, Ultra 90 is a dietary supplement offered as an AM and PM formula. The Ultra 90 ingredients include hydrolyzed fish collagen protein, safflower oil, aloe vera, vitamin C, tonalin cla, gelatin, glycerin, water, beeswax and lecithin. The recommended serving is three capsules in the morning and again at night; supposedly increasing weight-loss. One benefit is the that it’s easily taken with you.

There is no mention of when Ultra 90 was introduced, but the parent company is A New Healthy You. The supplement is available to purchase on the official website. We do like the favorable BBB rating and the fact that there are some positive customer comments, but read on…

Lack of Information – Problematic?

The first concern we have with Ultra 90 is the lack of product and company information. “When you purchase supplements, you want to a way to reach out to the service department for assistance,” said our Research Editor. “If you can’t find out anything about the business how are you supposed to get in touch with anyone?”

“I looked for reviews, but found very few,” commented one dieter.

“Just searched..and found no posts relating to Ultra 90,” said a user.

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Ineffectiveness – Just Doesn’t Work!

Based upon multiple customer comments, Ultra 90 doesn’t work. In fact, dieters claim the supplements cause weight gain. “I took the pill according to the directions and after one month i had gained 3 pounds,” said one buyer.

“I am almost finished with my third bottle of Ultra 90 and I have not lost the first pound. VERY DISSAPOINTED in this product! Should of known what it says is too good to be true…wanted to lose some weight-instead I lost my $90,” commented a dieter.

“The first time I tried it, I was on it for 4 months. The only thing it did for me was make my clothes tighter and give me diarrhea. I tried it again for 3 or 4 months and put the weight on again,” said a consumer.

Our research finds that any portion of a weight-loss plan causing problems, like ineffectiveness, could reduce chances of long-term success. If Ultra 90 doesn’t work, that’s a problem the dieter won’t like.

The Science

According to the official Ultra 90 website, the supplement “promotes fat loss” and “maintains lean muscle mass.” There are plenty of products out there that can make these claims, but backing them up is important. At DietSpotlight, finding scientific support is critical. If there is no science, customers will simply pass it by.

The Bottom Line

Upon taking a comprehensive look at Ultra 90, we’ve reached a decision. There are some positives, like a few favorable customer comments and “A+” BBB rating, but we can’t recommend it because of the lack of published clinical studies supporting weight-loss claims. Plus, we’re concerned about the lack of information about the parent company and a headquarters that looks more like a country club instead of a research facility.

If you’d like to transform your body, we suggest going with a product providing you both cost savings and ingredients supported by published clinical research.

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What You Should Know

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The Ultra 90 supplements are designed to assist a person with weight loss. The company claims that this diet pill was created for individuals that need to lose weight or for people happy with their weight but looking to tone up their muscles. This supplement is said to reduce body fat, gain muscle tone and help build energy in those users already at their target weight. There are three Ultra 90 products to choose from. A person can obtain the PM, AM or Liquid Formula. The company states that their products are Collagen based. They suggest that when the body becomes older several things happen. The Collagen inside an individual's system lowers and this produces weight gain, loss of hair firmness and wrinkles. With Ultra 90 supplements an individual can replenish their natural collagen safely and effectively. An individual can receive several pieces of information for the Ultra 90 official website. This location is loaded with information about the products, the company mission and ingredient information. A person can also view testimonials from actual customers, learn how to use the product efficiently and obtain purchasing information. The website also allows you to buy the product directly from the company.

List of Ingredients

The PM Formula contains the following ingredients: Marine Collagen Protein, Aloe Vera, Vitamin C, Safflower Oil, Gelatin, Glycerin, Bees Wax, Lecithin. The AM Formula contains the following ingredients: Marine Collagen Protein, Aloe Vera, Vitamin C, Safflower Oil, Gelatin, Glycerin, Bees Wax, Lecithin. The Liquid Formula contains the following ingredients: Marine Collagen Protein, Aloe Vera, Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid), Purified Water, Fructose, Natural Cherry Flavor, Whey Protein Isolate, Caseinate, Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate, Calcium propionate, Citric Acid, FD & C Red #40.

Product Features

The Ultra 90 merchandise offers all natural ingredients. An individual does not have to worry about stimulants that could cause a physical "crash" like caffeine and amphetamines. The company claims that there are no side effects known to them associated with taking Ultra 90. They also insist that it does not interact with any other medications someone may be taking. However, the Ultra 90 manufacturers suggest that a person contact their doctor before beginning a new treatment regimen. The company also states that their products assists in building muscle, help with a person's exercise routine and heightens energy. An individual can purchase 1 bottle of Ultra 90 sells for about $40. The shipping charges are fairly expensive at $5 for up to 5 bottles. A person can receive free shipping for 6 bottles or more.

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  • The Ultra 90 website is filled with information that can be pretty handy.
  • An individual can purchase the Ultra 90 products directly from the website.
  • The prices for the merchandise are fairly inexpensive.
  • Testimonials can be located on the site for a person's convenience.
  • All natural ingredients make up most of the Ultra 90 products.


  • The shipping charges are fairly high.
  • A person is not guaranteed their money back and no free trail is offered to test out Ultra 90.
  • There is a return policy for the Ultra 90 products. This states that a person may not be able to receive their money back. They also say that returns are accepted on a case-by-case basis and they may require a $10 restocking fee.


Ultra 90 supplements sound great in theory. The company claims they use all natural ingredients and a collagen formula. They state that is the cure-all for a person's overall good heath and well being. However, the manufacturers of Ultra 90 do not offer any kind of clinical tests or studies that have been preformed on this product. The website does offer information regarding the product as well as customer testimonials. It's too bad, because we'd really like to see how Ultra 90 arrived at collagen as a key active ingredient for weight loss. This is an ingredient much more commonly associated with topic skin care products.
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33 User Reviews About Ultra 90

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  • 1
    Lori Reyes April. 14th, 2015

    i just finished up both bottles i used night and day and I NEVER LOST A POUND, I EVEN ATE BETTER AND CUT bad food out of my diet. I used both bottles excatly as told and nothing happened as a matter of fact I went to the doctor fora check up and in the month i GAINED 3 POUNDS


  • 2
    lorraine harkey

    ultra 90 is not worth 5 cents. i took it for 90 days and lost 0 pounds!!


  • 3

    I started ultra 90 this morning I didn’t take it as soon as I got up though will it still work?????


  • 4

    Will ultra 90 interfere with asthma medication


  • 5

    Good morning. My wife is overweight , and she has had renal cell carcinoma [ kidney cancer ] is there any reason that my wife cannot take since she only has one kidney left ?



    don’t waste your money – it doesn’t work


  • 6

    it doesn’t work


  • 7
    Angela Reagan

    how much Iodine is in ultra 90 if any?


  • 8

    does the pm pills give anybody crazy dreams?


  • 9

    I am almost finished with my third bottle of Ultra 90 and I have not lost the first pound. VERY DISSAPOINTED in this product !!!! Should of known what it says is to good to be true…..wanted to lose some weight-instead I lost my $90


    Lois Byers

    I have not lost any weight and stay constipated


  • 10
    Curt Crank

    I have had four heart attacks does ultra 90 make your heart speed up.


  • 11

    I tried ultra 90 about 3 yrs ago and went from size 7/8 down to size 3/4 it took about 6 months but they protien in the pills really made me look fit . I never felt better ….



    Im getting it its on the way to me. I’m just scared. will i lose my boobs? i only want my gut gone. i really dont want to lose what chest i have..


  • 12

    I took ultra 90 5 years ago and was also working out three days a week but not dieting. I went from a size 18 to a size 12. It worked. I had no side effects. But I was other wise very healthy.


  • 13
    Shirley Rolen

    I sm s diabetic. I take PM formula. My sugar is very high in the norning and low at night before taking Ultra 90. I have not changed my eating habits since starting Ultra 90. Is there any way possible Ultra 90 can be causing this?
    S Rolen


  • 14

    i started ultra 90 PM about a year ago and have had no negitive effects so far.. i lost 40 pounds with its help. the only problem i had with it was the high cost. i believe some people’s side effects were cause by allergic reactions and something more than just ultra 90.


  • 15
    Christa Hulsey

    I am interested in Ultra 90, but after reading all the comments I’m kind of torn and scared to even try the product. My husband and I are trying to have a baby and I just found out that my docotor wants me to loose weight before we conceive for medical reasons (specially blood pressure). Now I just don’t know what to do.


  • 16
    Ms. Kellunge

    Just heard Ultra 90 pulled all their advertising from our radio station because they went bankrupt. I’d stay away.


  • 17
    Sharon Chitwood

    Is Ultra 90 safe for people with diabetic’s


  • 18
    joyce ossmann

    my son took the ultra 90 and is now in the hospital they thought they might have to do a liver transplant becauce of him taking the ultra 90 heis liver was shutting down111 stay away from this product.


    just me

    Joyce, I have met your son and am friends with his cousin and went on this site to see if there was anyone else who experience liver damage. I am so sorry to hear about your son and you are in my prayers!


  • 19

    I’m 2 weeks into my 1st bottle of am Ultra 90 – I wear contacts and am experiencing blurred vision at random times – anyone else have this happen?


  • 20

    I took Ultra 90 am formula for 45 days two years ago and did lose 5lbs and “felt” lighter, not bloated and if didn’t matter how much I was eating. that was a wonderful result. I stopped using it because I wanted to see if the effect would last if I ate a balanced diet, unfortunately it didn’t last. I also stopped because I was freaked out by what the “fish colegen” was, I didn’t want to contribute to over fishing of some species. All in all I wish I could feel confident about knowing exactly what the ingredients are because I’d love to use it again.


  • 21
    Holly S


    I wouldn’t be so quick to judge Ultra 90 as a horrible product as you are simply allergic to fish collegen. That is something you could have consulted w/your Dr about before trying. There’s always a risk of allergic reaction when taking something containing fish. There’s a new cholesterol medication out, which also warns of the same allergy. Just b/c your body reacted in a negative way doesn’t mean it’s a horrible product for everyone. Just hoping you won’t ruin an opportunity for someone else.



    I agree! Just because 1 person has a negative reaction does not mean that everyone will. There are just as many positives as there are negatives when it comes to testimonials. Number one you should always consult your physician (especially if you already have medical issues). There is not a MIRACLE cure out there unless you eat well….exercise regularly and promote healthy living in general. With that said I tried Ultra 90 a while back and had no side effects. Did not lose a lot of weight with JUST the pill alone. I had to be smart and realize I had to be sensible as well.


  • 22
    Teri DeVries

    In 2007 I took ultra 90 for 1 week and my lower body went completely numb. I went in the hospital for 3 days for a battery of tests. The MRI said that I had white spots on my spine which they thought at the time was cancer or MS. After the spinal tap, it was neither. Thank God ! When I thought about it, I got out the Ultra 90 and took another dose and started going numb again. It was the fish collogen in the liquid that did this. I had a horrible 4 months, thinking that I had MS and what my family also went through because of this horrible product.



    My Mom has MS and the ONLY way to be diagnosed is white spots on ur brain in an MRI, not ur spine! I know someone who took a 7 day trial of ultra 90 and lost weight.


  • 23

    I had great success with the oringinal Ultra 90 formula; the AM was actually different than the PM (AM formula had green tea extract)and the main ingrediant was sea kelp ( think thats it), not from fish. I dont like the added tonalin in the new formula to keep you from breaking down fat and digesting it. It still might be natural ingrediants but when it surpresses a natural body chemical it makes me nervous. Overall I have not had the same positive results with this newer formula.



    It’s a scam!!! I’ve taken a whole bottle of Ultra 90 PM & have not lost a pound nor an inch!!!


    Your Name

    People you have to drink the h2o to get it to work!


  • 24
    Joyce Hubbard

    IS the liquid available now?


    Joyce Hubbard

    I feel the liquid works better than the pills so wondering, thanks.


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