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Ultra Berry Slim appears to be an acai berry weight loss product. There are several websites out there promoting the product, but they all seem to be promoting new, different products with their affiliate links. This leads us to believe the product is no longer available. Read this review to learn more about the product and what we think about it before you start to use it for your weight loss ventures.

List of IngredientsWe do not see an official ingredient list for Ultra Berry Slim.

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Ultra Berry Slim appears to be an acai berry weight loss product. Without an official ingredient list, we cannot really comment on the formula or how well it works. Based on what we know about the acai berry, we can say that while it is full of antioxidants and is good for you, it has not been clinically proven to work for weight loss purposes. This information alone leads us to believe the formula was not as effective as it was made out to be, and this is why the formula is no longer available. This was also one of the formulas where a free trial was offered, but to take advantage of it, you had to sign up for an automatic shipment program. It could have been there were some customer service issues with cancelling the program, as when this happens products are quick to disappear. The websites that were once promoting this product are now promoting other weight loss products such as Raspberry Ketones based products.

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  • Ultra Berry Slim may help promote weight loss.


  • Ultra Berry Slim does not appear to be available to the general public any longer.
  • There is no official ingredient list to allow us to evaluate the effectiveness of this formula.
  • Affiliate links to purchase this product now redirect to other products.
  • There are no customer testimonials to support this product—it seems many customers are upset by their experience.
  • There may or may not be a money back guarantee for this product.


Ultra Berry Slim is not available to consumers anymore. Whatever the reason for this, it is safe to assume that the product did not work. Instead of looking for products like this one to help you reach your weight loss goals, we advise you to choose a clinically proven safe and effective fat burner or appetite suppressant, supported by either a free (non-autoship) trial or a money back guarantee. Then, combine the regular use of this supplement with a nutritionally balanced, reduced calorie diet, and a regular exercise program that consists of both cardio and strength training exercise.

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    In my case, I tried Power Slim. This is a diet supplement that contains natural ingredients. Whenever I take a Power Slim pill, I don’t feel lazy in the morning. Getting sick is also unlikely because it is rich in antioxidants that help fight diseases. Amazing product!


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    For me, acai berry products are great! My diet supplement – the Trim Belly — helped me shed off 6 lbs pounds without experiencing adverse effects. My friends really noticed the difference in my figure.