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Being overweight or obese is like living in a constant state of inflammation. Aches and pains are common and often the reason why dieters want to lose weight. If living overweight was pain-free, there would be no reason not to indulge on the foods you love without worry about gaining a few additional pounds. Dieters trying to lose weight also commonly suffer from aches and pains of the joints and lower back. Ultra Botanicals MSM claims to help relieve aches and pains. There are no clinical studies listed in the product description. We did not find an official website for Ultra Botanicals listing MSM as a product currently for sale, but the supplement is listed on other websites.

List of Ingredients

MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane).

Product Features

There are supplements that will affect the dieter in an direct and indirect manner during weight loss. Supplements like green tea, caffeine and chromium directly affect appetite, energy and metabolism. But, there is more to weight loss than taking supplements to boost metabolism and decrease appetite. MSM is often included with chondroitin and glucosamine to decrease inflammation and reduce pain associated with certain joint conditions. Arthritis, for instance, causes an inflammation of the joints. MSM may reduce that inflammation allowing the patient to move more freely without pain. What does MSM have to do with dieting?

Being overweight is the same as living in a state of inflammation. Extra weight causes press on joints and connective tissue, which can lead to swelling and…inflammation. MSM may help reduce that inflammation so the dieter can move better, workout and exercise as desired. After a workout, MSM may prevent inflammation associated with increased movement and stress on the body.

Dieting is a three-dimensional process. Food, drink, supplements, movement and lifestyle changes all come together to create the perfect environment for weight loss. At times, the body is not on the same path as the mind and inflammation can limit movement and slow recovery time between workouts.

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  • MSM may reduce inflammation.
  • Commonly included with glucosamine and chondroitin supplements.
  • Costs less than prescription anti-inflammatory medications.
  • Does not have the potential side effects of prescription medications.


  • Will not facilitate weight loss directly.
  • Will not promote metabolism or energy.
  • Will not reduce hunger.
  • May not work to reduce inflammation for all dieters.


Ultra Botanicals MSM provides a natural means of fighting a constant state of inflammation. When trying to lose weight, there is nothing worse than having the mind set to workout but feeling the pain of inflammation that stops you in your tracks. MSM is a natural way of reducing inflammation, but it will not work for everyone and it may not work as well as prescription medications. Dieters need to talk with a physician before taking MSM if they are currently on prescription anti-inflammatory medications.

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