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Ultra Burn from Diet Doc is a weight loss supplement that claims to increase fat burn or, specifically, fat movement. There is no label image showing all the ingredients in the formula, but there is mention of a few ingredients in a brief product description. We noticed no product reviews or testimonials from Diet Doc patients who used Ultra Burn to lose weight. The Ultra Burn supplement does not contain hCG though Diet Doc supports hCG weight loss. The supplement is designed to be taken with the Diet Doc weight loss program that allows no more than 1000 or 1250 calories per day, depending on the page of the website you choose to believe.

List of Ingredients


  • Vitamin B12
  • Inositol
  • Methionine
  • Carnitine
  • Caffeine

Product Features

Vitamin B12 is a safe addition to the Ultra Burn supplement. B vitamins are used in energy production, but the body cannot hold on to the vitamin so most of this supplement will end up passing out of the body during normal urination. You may notice a change in urine color soon after taking Ultra Burn.

Inositol shows promise for the natural treatment of anxiety and obsessive compulsive disorders. There are even a few studies showing promising results as a fertility aid for obese women suffering from polycystic ovary syndrome, but there is not enough evidence to prove inositol has any positive effect on weight loss.

Methionine may be administered in therapeutic doses to prevent liver damage after acetaminophen overdose, but there are no other clinically proven uses for this ingredient.

Carnitine, touted as the appetite suppressant in Ultra Burn, is backed with significant clinical study for use in treating heart disease, male infertility and hyperthyroidism, but there is no mention in clinical research about controlling blood glucose levels to minimize hunger. We did find one study completed on lean, fit men that proves carnitine can help control blood glucose levels when taken 30 minutes before consuming sugar, but Ultra Burn is not designed just for lean, young men.

Caffeine is the only ingredient in Ultra Burn with support from the medical and clinical community. Studies have shown that caffeine intake increases calorie burn, though diet and exercise are needed for significant weight loss.

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  • Some ingredients are listed.


  • Only caffeine is supported with clinical studies.


Ultra Burn is not an effective weight loss supplement. If one dose contains about the same amount of caffeine as ½ a cup of coffee the dieter would be just as successful drinking that cup of coffee each day and they would save a ton of money. One week’s supply of Ultra Burn retails for about $30. That’s the same as paying $30 for 2 ½ cups of coffee.

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