Ultra Chromatone Plus Review

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What You Should Know

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Abundance Naturally is the maker of Ultra Chromatone Plus. Ultra Chromatone Plus is a supplement that is supposed to have been developed through the use of all natural herbs. The Ultra Chromatone Plus supplement claims to be formulated based on a scientifically developed blend of herbal ingredients chosen to reduce hunger, limit cravings, improve mental alertness, boost metabolism rates and increase energy levels. The company claims this process will help the user to burn more fat and aid in the weight loss program. This is a claim made by most other weight loss supplements that are offered for sale.

List Of Ingredients

The company has not released an ingredient list at this time for potential customers to scrutinize. This is unfortunate because many people may wish to read the ingredients so an informed decision can be made as to its likely effectiveness to the individual situation. The formula is supposed to contain only all natural herbs and plant extracts.

Product Features

The supplement is listed on the company website and is available at other online retail websites. The supplement is reportedly supposed to be combined with regular exercise and a nutritional diet for best results. The company website does not offer specifics about how the product is suppose to work but does compare it to similar products and tell what other customers purchased to use along with the Ultra Chromatone Plus.

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  • Ultra Chromatone Plus recommends using the product with a healthy nutrition plan.
  • Ultra Chromatone Plus provides information about what other products may be good to use in conjunction with this formula.
  • Ultra Chromatone Plus says it is made with all natural herbs and plant extracts.


  • Ultra Chromatone Plus does not offer any product ingredients about the product. This might prevent people with allergies from purchasing the product.
  • Ultra Chromatone Plus does not support their claims with clinical trial or other research.


The company that makes Ultra Chromatone Plus provides their potential customers with little information from which to make an informed decision about the product. It would be helpful to people with food and plant allergies to know what ingredients are in the product. Additionally, a potential customers could make an informed decision about the effectiveness if the ingredient list was released. The people selling the product may gear the Ultra Chromatone Plus more toward women but there is no evidence that men could not use the supplement. More concerning is the lack of clinical data used to support Ultra Chromatone Plus claims of effectiveness. People who are thinking about starting a supplement may wish to speak to a health care provider before beginning this regimen.

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