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Ultra Green Tea is one of the newest green tea products on the market today. This particular green tea product is said to help you lose weight in 60 days by decreasing your appetite and boosting your energy. In this review we will take a closer look at this product so we can try and determine whether or not this product could be a possible weight loss supplement option.


There are some ingredients that were found to be listed on the website. Some of the ingredients include things such as an amino acid and mineral complex that is supposed to increase the fat burning process, give a boost to your energy level, help control your blood sugar, and elevate your mood.

Product Features

There are also 2 trademark formulas that are said to be included into this product. These ingredients are Advantra-Z and Citrimax. Citrimax is said to consist of an ingredient known as hydroxycitric acid, also known as HCA and it is said that it’s intended purpose is to increase the amount of fat you burn during exercise. The next ingredient is Advantra-Z which is also known as bitter orange. Bitter orange is a Chinese herb that is supposed to have the same effects as ephedra, but without all of the dangerous side effects. It’s main purpose is believed to be to help speed up the metabolism and boost your energy.

And of course there is Green tea that is said to be an ingredient in this product. Green tea is said to have a thermogesic like effect on the core temperature. It also contains caffeine, but it is said to be a clean form of caffeine that doesn’t give you all of the jitters and nervousness that coffee may give to you.

As it was mentioned above, Ultra Green Tea is promoted as one of greatest new green tea products out there. There is a promise that it will help you to lose weight in 60 days. It is said that this product is delivered to the consumer as a powder that you mix with water. There are claims that it has all of the same health benefits as pure green tea, but with some extra ingredients that help to make it an even better product. These extra ingredients are said to suppress your appetite and increase your energy.

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  • Ultra Green Tea contains two trademarked ingredients.
  • Comes in a convenient package.


  • Does not appear to contain a complete list of ingredients on the website.
  • Seems as though Ultra Green Tea may have the potential to become expensive.


It appears as though Ultra Green Tea may contain ingredients that actually work. However there is a concern for the price. This product claims to be one of the best products on the market when it actually contains some of the ingredients that are found in some of the older products, but the other products appear to be a cheaper price.

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