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Ultra Lab creates product that are promoted mostly to body builders and other athletes who need physical strength and endurance to be able to compete. The products are supposed to be specifically designed with people in mind who want to improve their muscle mass and length their endurance and stamina time. The products are purported to be based on the theory of growth hormones and insulin. The company claims all their products are developed to have the ability to give the user fast lean muscle growth and fast recovery times. These statements are not supported by any documentation.

List Of Ingredients

Ultra Lab is the maker of many dietary supplements. The exact ingredients depend on which supplement is used.

Product Features

Ultra Lab products are supposed to be made specifically for athletes who want to improve their performance endurance length and increase stamina. The product also promises to help the athlete develop lean muscle mass much quicker than without the product. There is no evidence to support the claims made by this company. The company offers a wide variety of products but doesn’t offer any scientific or clinical evidence to support their claims. The company does state that the user will need to continue to work out with a regular routine and maintain a healthy nutritional plan. It is unknown if the supplement will add anything additional to the body builders workout or not since there is no data available. There are additional supplements that are specific to the dietary needs of men’s and women’s health that the company produces. Again these formulas are supposed to be all natural and high quality but there is no way of verifying the quality. Additionally, these products do not provide evidence to support their claims. Some of their formulas are: Growth Complex Products – Ultra Lab Human Growth Complex Rejuvenation for Men, Ultra Lab Human Growth Complex Rejuvenation for Women Ultra Lab Human Growth Complex; Muscle Building Products – Ultra Lab the Beast Anabolic Activator, Ultra Lab SuperTest Anabolic Complex, Ultra Lab Creature Professional Strength Creatine Complex, Ultra Lab Professional Strength Pre-Workout Formula, Ultra Lab Creature, Ultra Lab Nutrition Predator Professional Strength Pre-Workout Formula, Ultra Lab BCAAs; Fat Burning Products – Ultra Lab 2 Shredded Thermogenics Fat Burning Complex

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  • The company offers many products to choose from.
  • The products appear to be widely available.


  • The company does not support any of their claims with clinical or scientific data.


Ultra Lab is a dietary supplement manufacturer that specializes in supplements that are supposed to be tailored to the needs of the body builder. This company promises fast growth in lean muscle mass and increased endurance. However, they do not support their product claims with data that has been done by any unbiased agency. Anyone considering using one of these formulas should consider consulting a health care professional before beginning the regimen.

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    I have been trying to find out where the product is manufactured ( Ultra Lab Human Growth Complex). I have talked online with A1 Supplements.com and I was directed to Ultra Lab Nutrition in Boca Raton, FL. The person that answered the phone was familiar with the product, but when I asked where it is made, he said TN. I told him that is where it is distributed, but not manufactured. He said it is is made in the U.S. He said in N.Y., when I asked where/who he said he can’t tell me. I just want to know if this product is manufactured in the U.S. or outside of the U.S. I want to make sure it is safe to take. Any help would be appreciated. Please advise. Thank you.