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While attempting to research this product, there were some surprising discoveries that were made. One of the surprises was that there is apparently no official website to be found concerning this product. In fact, it appears as though the only website that was found it actually reads “this domain may be for sale, would you like to purchase this domain?”. You are about to find out why this domain is apparently up for sale.


No ingredient listing could be found.

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Since there was virtually no website to be found about this product, there was not anything that you would be able to call a legible list of ingredients to be found. When we run across products such as this where no list of ingredients can be found, which is more often than we would like to see, we often discourage people from buying these types of products. The reasoning behind this is because we have your safety at interest when we write about certain products. You see, there are some products out there that are actually very harmful to you, or they can cause health problems, drug interactions, or even possible allergic reactions. Take the drug Ephedra for instance, people bought it and gobbled it up like there was no tomorrow and like they were afraid that they would no t be able to get anymore. The reason why is because it was just that addictive and effective. Come to find out, it was actually a Chinese herb that is a member of the Amphetamine family, hence the reason for its addictiveness. People that didn’t know this that purchased it that had high blood pressure or a sensitivity to amphetamines ( which is often the main ingredient in drugs that are used in ADHD and ADD treatments)actually suffered form either some form of permanent heart damage, and some instances were reported that even resulted in sudden death.

There are more reasons that we found that reinforces the idea that you should not buy this product. You may have heard about people being tricked into paying high prices for certain products that offer these so called wonderful results, only to receive a product that contains poor quality ingredients that either deliver very little or no results at all. But this one really takes the cake, so to speak. While trying to find some sort of information about this product, what we actually found is what we believe to be an out right scam. There were numerous reports that were found that were written by customers that claim that they all ordered this expensive product, but they never received it. It appears as though this may be what is commonly called a “fly by night” type scam where people set up a so called company, offer a product, take the money and never deliver the product, then move on to the next scam before they get caught in their lie.

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  • None.


  • Appears as though it is a scam.


It is always recommended that when you are considering buying a product, then it is best to do some research first. Had those people that were scammed by this company had done that first, they may have never lost out on their money.

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7 User Reviews About Ultra Liposlim (tell us about your experience)

  • 1
    Marion Diabo

    Could not locate a phone number to call in an order for ultra liposlim advanced. Would you provide the number.


  • 2

    I really love this product it truly works for me I eat what I want never hungry !! I need to order more please


  • 3
    Lenora Marsh

    Truly disappointed with this product, followed program and did not lose weight. And I had such high hopes that finally there was something that would work. I need return adress for the bottles I did not use. Sorry , I must be one of those for whom these products doesn’t work.


  • 4

    THIS PRODUCT IS A SCAM. THEY CHARGED MY CREDIT CARD $79.98 and claimed it was Dr Oz approved. I had not even had a chance to try it. No offer of any kind of refund


  • 5

    I also was scammed by this product and they charged my credit card for $79.99 with no results. I hadn’t even had a chance to try the product.

    This is a scammed product


  • 6
    Fran Engle

    I purchased this product which claims that they will not cash my check until after 30 day trial. I phoned my order and put this product on my credit card. I noticed that it was posted to my credit card immediately. I have taken this product for 4 days with no results, but am continuing to try it. The ingredients are Cherry(Prunus cerasus stems), Black Radish (Raphanus niger, root),Dandelion (root) and Apple Cider Vinegar.



    It’s been 2 weeks since your post. What has been your experience so far?


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