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The Ultra Simple Diet was introduced to us by Mark Hymand M.D. Dr. Hymand is the medical director at the Ultra Wellness Center. He has also written three books prior to this that may be considered to be this book’s prequel. The first book written by him is named Ultraprevention and the second one is named Ultrametabolism. This book appears to be the third one in a series. In this review we will take a look at the diet and attempt to analyze with the hopes of determining whether or not this diet would be considered to be a practical weight loss solution.


The Ultra Simple Diet Book.

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The Ultra Simple Diet has a significant amount of restrictions. The seven day weight loss plan instructions says it can be used in order to obtain revitalization and boosted energy. The diet appears to be based on the theory that there are two main causes that make people gain weight. These two causes mentioned in this book are toxins and inflammation.

According to the book the inflammation is the reason for such restrictive rules. The detoxification is thought to help decrease the inflammation, and the decrease in the inflammation is said to help aid with the weight loss.

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  • This diet can be very inexpensive.
  • Studies show restricting certain foods can be a way to effectively detoxify your body.
  • It appears there may be a full menu already laid out to follow.


  • The program only lasts for seven days.
  • Some of the foods may be hard to find in regular supermarkets making it necessary to go to places like a whole health food store or a store that specializes in organic foods and supplements.
  • More negative reviews than positive reviews.
  • This type of diet may not be the kind that you would find to be recommended by a doctor.
  • A detoxing diet is not the same as a weight loss diet.


Detoxification is often used to improve overall health with some weight loss occurring during the process. Some people even live by detox diets in order to lose weight and keep it off. While detoxing diets have their place in the health industry, the weight loss industry cannot weight heavily on the weight lost during detox as much of that weight is water weight. In order to lose weight effectively, using a proven fat burner and appetite suppressant can work wonders.

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    I would like to point out a couple of errors in your review. First, this is not a diet that ends in 7 days–the diet may be continued for up to 3 months. Second, this is not a diet per se–rather, it is an eating plan that addresses overall health and wellness, and was designed to help patients with chronic disease and pain. Weight loss is a benefit, but the focus is on health and wellness, which is as it should be.


  • 2

    Would the wait loss still be possible if I chose to drink black coffee, and fat free milk as opposed to the green tea and broth when hungrey



    you may not lose alot of weight and it defeats the purpose of the diet. The whole point of the diet is cleanse out your body naturally and after the first week you can slowly introduce foods back into your diet…within the 1st wk I lost 7 lbs and with each consecutive week with eating the plan alone i lost 2 lbs I left better. Its 7 days…I am sure you can give up things for 7 days….