Ultra Slim 90 PM Review

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What You Should Know

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Ultra Slim 90 PM is a weight loss supplement that claims to be able to help the user remove pounds while they sleep. The formula is supposed to be able to work by allowing the users metabolism rate to increase while they are at rest. The company claims that fat will be burnt and the user will notice a difference before the end of the first bottle. The company states the user should not eat anything within 3 hours of bed. The tablets are taken at bed time.

List Of Ingredients

Ultra Slim 90 PM contains collagen as it main ingredient. Collagen used to be considered only a topical ingredient in many anti aging lotions, however it is now a common ingredient in weight loss supplements. This ingredient is a staple in the body’s make up and is a major factor in the youthful look of skin and tendons. Many people think taking a collagen supplement will help improve the body’s ligaments, tendons and skin. The makers of Ultra Slim 90 PM also believe the supplement will increase the body’s metabolism and speed the fat burning process even while the user is asleep. The makers have attempted to form a connection between the first part of sleep activity and the digestion of the collagen protein. They think this connection is how the formula can help the body to burn more energy and decrease body fat. However, the company has not offered any scientific data concerning this linkage that can support the use of their product.

Product Features

Ultra Slim 90 PM can be purchased in a morning formula as well. This formula is distinguished by the replacement of PM with AM on the container. Both products can also be purchased as a single kit. In both formulas collagen is the main active ingredient but the AM is formulated slightly different. This is supposed to help it work better during the day.

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  • The Ultra Slim 90 PM formula is supposed to be blended in a way that helps the metabolism while the user is asleep.
  • Ultra Slim 90 PM offers a morning formula as well.


  • There is no evidence to support the company’s claims of burning fat during sleep.


The makers of Ultra Slim 90 PM promise results before the first bottle is used. However, there is no data to support the ability of collagen as a weight loss aid. The company offers two formulas and has drawn a connection between collagen and sleep but one version is to be taken in the morning. The makers suggest following a healthy diet plan and exercise routine in conjunction with their product. Anyone considering using Ultra Slim 90 PM as a weight loss aid may want to consider discussing options with a health care professional.

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