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Ultra Strength Taraxatone Extreme is not a product that has been designed for weight loss alone. It was specifically designed to allow body builders or models find a way to reduce water weight before a show or similar event. Bearing this in mind, it is not a good idea to use this as a weight loss supplement unless the excess weight that you are carrying is because of fluid retention. This might be handy if there is a big occasion coming up and you want to shed a couple of pounds. Cytodyne is the company behind this water weight reduction supplement and it is a diuretic, not a weight loss pill.

Cytodyne products have come under scrutiny lately so it may be very difficult to obtain any of their products including Ultra Strength Taraxatone Extreme.


Ultra Strength Taraxatone Extreme contains a list of ingredients with some rather familiar names that most people searching for weight loss solutions may come across. Things like green tea extract, caffeine anhydrous and taurine, which are used to promote energy. Alongside these you will find horsetail extract, TX-HP, celery seed powder, parsley powder, vitamin B6, Magnesium, Dandelion, Uva Ursi and Hydroxanthine complex.

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Even though the ingredients contained within Ultra Strength Taraxatone Extreme have been linked to weight loss, there is no evidence from clinical studies to prove that they actually have any benefits if you want to lose a significant amount of weight. Taurine, as one example, has been reported to boost energy levels within the user but scientific studies have shown that these allegations are false. When you combine this information with the fact that Cytodyne, the company behind Ultra Strength Taraxatone Extreme, has been in trouble with law enforcement for another product that they are currently manufacturing, it may be best to think twice about purchasing this product.

Cytodyne has gotten in trouble for paying people to manufacturer false testimonials with one of their products so it’s difficult to determine whether or not this product actually does what it’s supposed to do. There is no official website that we can find at the time of this review and many bodybuilding sites have stopped carrying Cytodyne products.

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  • May help reduce water weight.


  • The manufacturer, Cytodyne, has been involved in legal troubles over a different product.
  • This product is typically used only by bodybuilders.
  • It may be very hard to purchase this product.


Ultra Strength Taraxatone Extreme may provide bodybuilders with a quick way to lose a few pounds of water weight before a show or competition but for the casual dieter, this product won’t do much. If you are looking for a weight loss product that will help you lose weight and keep it off, we recommend using a product that combines a known fat burner with an appetite suppressant instead of a diuretic such as this.

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