Ultra Strength Taraxatone Extreme Review

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What You Should Know

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When bodybuilders want to shed that extra water weight between the skin and muscle for a competition, they often use diuretics. Diuretics push water out of the body and cause frequent urination. There has been at least one death in the bodybuilding community due to overuse of diuretics, but most often the supplements contain multiple ingredients working in combination. The two most common diuretics are dandelion root and uva ursi. Despite the warnings about Ultra Strength Taraxatone Extreme, there is only one diuretic and two sources of caffeine. We cannot figure out the reason for the warning, but we also cannot find an official website for the product.

List of Ingredients

Uva Ursi, Caffeine, Green Tea and Yerba Mate.

Product Features

Caffeine is a stimulant, but is can also have diuretic effects, which is why it is used in Ultra Strength Taraxatone Extreme. The bodybuilding supplement will probably not increase weight loss, despite caffeine and green tea being proven weight loss ingredients. This supplement is created to shed water and though that may decrease weight for a short time, drinking water will put that weight right back on the body.

There is a small chance the amount of green tea and caffeine in the supplement could boost metabolism a bit, but we have no idea how much is included in the formula so we cannot judge. We cannot figure out why Yerba mate, a strong anti-oxidant, is included in an herbal water supplement. Yerba Mate is a common drink for children and adults in Uruguay and Argentina and is generally considered safe, but there is no mention of dieresis or weight loss.

It should be noted that Ultra Strength Taraxatone Extreme might contain an ingredient called tarraxacum. Tarraxacum is dandelion root, but some websites reference the ingredient and others do not. If dandelion is also included in the formula, we can better understand the warnings as the dandelion / uvi ursi combination can be highly effective at helping bodybuilders shed water, but it can also cause dizziness, dehydration and death.

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  • Green tea is a proven fat burner and appetite suppressant.
  • Caffeine increases metabolism.


  • Diuretics are not to be used for weight loss.
  • At least one bodybuilder has died from using diuretics.
  • Dehydrating the body can lead to cramping, dizziness, loss of consciousness and death.
  • In order to maintain the effect, the bodybuilder cannot drink excess water – increasing the risk of side effects.


Ultra Strength Taraxatone Extreme is not a supplement we choose to recommend. There are long lists of potential side effects that dieters should not risk to shed water weight that will just return. Proven weight loss ingredients lead to permanent weight loss.

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