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Ultra Thermo Boost 2000 is a diet product that’s marketed toward overweight women and men. It is mentioned on the official website that this weight loss supplement is not merely for dieters who aim to lose a few pounds. Ultra Thermo Boost 2000 is primarily geared toward individuals who desire to lose a large amount of excess body fat. It is claimed that this diet drug takes effect quickly and begins to assist with weight loss the first day. Ultra Thermo Boost 2000 comes in a pill form and can be easily taken daily with water.

Not only is Ultra Thermo Boost 2000 supposed to help burn off fat throughout the day, but it also aims to suppress the user’s appetite, increase energy, benefit the metabolism and allow the user to feel full. The two key active components found in Ultra Thermo Boost 2000 supplements are Hoodia Gordonii (curbs appetite) and Citrus Aurantium (increases the metabolism). Hoodia Gordonii is a cactus extract that is found in South African deserts. It contains an active molecule called P-57, which sends a signal to the user’s brain, letting it know the stomach is full. This weight loss product has been featured on shows like 60 Minutes, BBC News and the Today Show. Sadly no customer testimonials are presented on the website.

List of Ingredients

Not offered on the official website.

Product Features

Ultra Thermo Boost 2000 is a diet pill that aims to suppress appetite and boost the user’s metabolic rates. Unfortunately no clinical research or studies are provided on the website for Ultra Thermo Boost 2000 in particular. However, there is a lot discussed about the key ingredient Hoodia Gordonii. The second major component incorporated into Ultra Thermo Boost 2000 is Citrus Aurantium. There are no trial samples of this diet drug offered on the website, nor is there even a price revealed. It’s unknown if this supplement is attainable via the official website.

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  • Ultra Thermo Boost 2000 contains the ingredient Hoodia Gordonii, which is all-natural.
  • This diet drug is suitable for women and men alike.
  • Ultra Thermo Boost 2000 has been featured on shows like 60 Minutes, BBC News and the Today Show.


  • There is no price specified for Ultra Thermo Boost 2000.
  • Some ingredients found in Ultra Thermo Boost 2000 may cause allergic reactions in some users.
  • A healthy diet and fitness routine are not addressed on the website.
  • Only the two active ingredients are revealed on the website.
  • Success stories and testimonials are absent from the website.


Clearly, Ultra Thermo Boost 2000 is a Hoodia Gordonii supplement first and foremost. The official website focuses more on this cactus plant than anything else. While it may be beneficial to have this natural, appetite suppressing ingredient incorporated into Ultra Thermo Boost 2000, there really isn’t any other data offered on the diet drug. For example, how much does it cost and where can it be purchased? You may want to take a closer look at the diet product market before settling on a generic-seeming supplement like Ultra Thermo Boost 2000.

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