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Ultra Trim is a dietary supplement that is supposed to help reduce weight by eliminating excess fat. The company that produces Ultra Trim claim the product works through thermogenesis. This is a process that many feel will lead to weight loss because fat is burned. It is not proven that thermogenesis is a viable option for the reduction of fat. However, this is a claim made by many weight loss supplements. Thermogenesis is supposed to increase metabolism and thus increase calorie and fat burning. The user is urged to drink extra water while using the supplements. The company that makes Ultra Trim claims the extra heat generated by the product may cause dehydration. The maker states the supplement is free from Ephedra or Ephedrine. The maker of Ultra Trim also claims that while taking Ultra Trim the user does not need to perform any additional exercises or make any changes to their diet.

List Of Ingredients

Ultra Trim is said to contain the following ingredients: Folic Acid, Acetyl-l-Carnitine, CoQ10, Cobalamin, and Pyridoxine (B6).

Product Features

The Ultra Trim product doesn’t appear to contain an ingredient that is traditionally considered to be a fat burner or appetite suppressor. The maker still claims to be able to work through the thermogenesis process. The company is supposed to get hot from taking the pills. This is supposed to cause the appetite to become suppressed as well. The user is directed to take the capsules by swallowing two in the morning and one in the afternoon. Extra water should be drank with both doses.

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  • Ultra Trim claims to work without the need for stimulants.
  • No additional exercise appears to be necessary with this supplement.


  • There is no data to support the Ultra Trim makers claims.
  • The product does not contain an appetite suppressant.
  • The product does not contain a fat burning ingredient.


The makers of Ultra Trim state that no additional exercise will be needed in order for the dieters to achieve their weight loss goals. They further state, no special diet plan is required eighter. Although the company claims to be able to help the user to lose weight with little effort, this may be too good to be true. The company does not provide any scientific evidence to support the effectiveness of their formulas. The dieter is instructed to stick to a strictly delineated schedule. The user must also drink enough water to offset the supposed heating abilities of the formula. The company makes claims that are not supported by the scientific community or the weight loss community in general. There is no evidence the product will be able to deliver on their claims.

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