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The Ultra Burn is a dietary supplement that is supposed to help the user burn 3 times as much body fat than dieting or exercising without the supplement. The makers of Ultra burn offers quite a bit of scientific explanations about how the product is supposed to work. However, the site did not translate the scientific data and lingo into words that can be understood by the average consumer. The company also produces clinical research studies that are supposed to indicate the safety of the product. The site did not offer customer testimonials that could be helpful to some potential customers when they are trying to make an informed decision.

List Of Ingredients

Ultra Burn is supposed to have only one ingredient which is listed as 7-Oxo DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone).

Product Features

Ultra Burn single ingredient is 7-Oxo DHEA. This ingredient is thought to increase the thermogenesis process in the body which is supposed to help the body the ability to burn calories and fat more effectively. The company cites research completed by the University of Wisconsin on DHEA. The research found the ingredient to be effective and safe because it is not supposed to cause side effects such as stimulations. The research study did their testing on particular amounts of DHEA however, the Ultra Burn product website does not indicate the amount of active ingredient is in each dose.

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  • 7-OXO DHEA has been tested by a third party with clinical trials.
  • The active ingredient was found to be safe and is patented.
  • Ultra burn offers a 30-day money back guarantee
  • The company claims there will be no side effects.


  • The information is not provided in a consumer friendly format.
  • No dosage information was provided.
  • The amount of active ingredient in each dose is unclear, this would be helpful in determining if the research study is relevant to the supplement.


Ultra Burn does offer clinical research studies on the effectiveness of the active ingredient found in its supplements. The average consumer may not take time to read this because it was not provided in a consumer friendly manner. The company does offer a money back guarantee on the product for any customer who is not happy with the item. The product does not appear to cause side effects that are often the result from stimulate based fat burners. The active ingredient has been tested however, it would be helpful to know if the amount of DHEA found in the supplement relates to the amount the research study found was needed in order to achieve results.

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    can i take ultraburn slimmimg tabs with levothyroxine tablets?


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