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Ultradrol is nothing more than Methylstenbolone. We found quite a lot of information on the bulking abilities of this steroid and even a bit of support in bodybuilding forums, but we are concerned about the liver toxicity associated with this steroid. This is a steroid – not a prohormone or a bodybuilding supplement. As such, the user will see nearly immediately gains in strength, mass and weight, but they will also probably notice some test flu as test levels increase. According to the Ultradrol product description, none of the testosterone coverts to estrogen so gynecomastia is not an issue, but we did not notice any clinical studies supporting this claim. Typically, if test is increased, gyno is a problem even if the test booster in herbal.

List of Ingredients


  • Methylstenbolone 2, 17a-dimethyl-5?-androsta-1-en-17b-ol-3-one

Product Features

The trail from Ultradrol is quite extensive. We followed the steroid from Antaeus Labs to bodybuilding forums to prohormone and steroid databases across the web. The newest entries are dated in late 2011, so this product has been on the market quite recently despite the fact that steroids are illegal for use in bodybuilding.

It looks like Antaeus Labs finally took the supplement off the market, but it could be for sale from grey market supplement companies. Antaeus Labs admitted that Ultradrol was toxic to the liver and they even described how it affects the body and gave some advice on how to stop the negative side effects associated with the steroid.

There is no suggested PCT (post cycle therapy) suggested for use with Ultradrol.


  • We found an official description for Ultradrol.
  • There is a blog dedicated to supplements from Antaeus Labs.
  • The company behind Ultradrol is still making and selling supplements.


  • The steroid is no longer available though it is listed on the official website.
  • Will cause negative side effects.
  • It is toxic to the liver.
  • Dieters will not notice any positive benefits of taking Ultradrol while dieting.


Ultradrol is one of the more interesting steroids we’ve reviewed. It appears that the company behind the supplement released the product in 2011, which is long after steroids were no longer legal for use in bodybuilding. The product is now listed as out of stock with a promise of new stock being delivered in June – no dates, no prices, no other information.

Before taking a steroid it is extremely important to read up on how steroids affect the body, especially the liver. There are protective supplements that can be taken before, during and after a steroid cycle. These supplements can protect the liver only in some cases.

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    @Nik And you shouldn’t be giving people advice if you don’t even know Ultradrol is a methylated steroid and not a prohormone…..


  • 2

    I’m looking at buying some Ultradrol capsules but can’t seem to locate any in Australia.. Do you know of someone who sells this? I’m located in Australia (South Sydney) so if you know of someone there it would be better..

    Many Thanks



    You should not be taking Prohormones if you dont know the bare basics. You will seriously damage yourself.

    Prohormones, and Steroids are BANNED in Australia, and have been for a long time.



    What bare basics? I used to take steroids (vial) for about a year so my body is used to them.



    I have a half bottle left