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The UltraFit Nutrition Systems are a group of coaching services that were designed by Cindy Whitmarsh. These services are offered by Frog’s Fitness, that is based in California. The Frog Fitness shops are available throughout the state of California. This series of systems are supposed to focus on helping people attain their fitness and activity goals. The system is a series of training challenges put forth to the consumer. The process is supposed to help people get in shape in a safe and tested method. The eating habits of each participant are reviewed and a routine fitness activity is urged. The systems are said to be adaptable to most anyone’s weight loss, body building, toning or eating styles.

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The first challenge in the Fit Nutrition Systems is a nutrition and fitness program that lasts for six weeks. The Challenge 1 is supposed to be designed to boost metabolism and promote weight loss through a maximization of workouts. This challenge issues weekly menus and supporting grocery lists and recipes to follow. The program tries to motivate the participant by providing nutritional or fitness literature as well. The consumer is expected to eat healthy and follow the regimen while they are in the program. The challenge keeps the workouts varied which they think will keep participants interested longer. Some of the challenge workouts are: Core Training, Cycling/Circuit Training, Weight Training, Sports Conditioning, Stairs and Beach/Boxing Circuit, and Boot Camp. The second challenge is a four week program for people who have successfully completed the first challenge. The format is similar but this challenge adds some intensity. The targeted areas in the second challenge are: Arms/Advanced Cardio Intervals; Chest, Back/Advanced Cardio; Core Training/Advanced Cardio; Legs, Shoulders/Advanced Cardio. The participants can also take part in the Sports Challenge which is a four week program that combines the activities of “surfing, beach volleyball, football, obstacle courses, hill conditioning, stairs & sand conditioning, boot camp, seal training, and track & field,” according to the company literature.

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  • The program focuses on promoting physical fitness.
  • The program has facilities across California.
  • The program is available on DVD.


  • The program is only available in person to customers of Frog Fitness.


People who seek to lose weight may consider using a workout routine such as the UltraFit Nutrition Supplement offered by Frog Fitness. However, some people cannot tolerate as much intense exercise as the program seems to employ. The combination of fitness and nutrition is believed to be the healthiest way to lose unwanted pounds. People who live outside the California area may not have access to the in person challenges. The program is available for purchase on DVD. Some people may stay motivated enough to achieve their weight loss and fitness goals through the DVD setting.

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