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Mark Hyman, M.D. wrote the Ultrametabolism book. Ultrametabolism is based on nutrigenomics which uses the genes as a focal point when understanding how to control weight. The program concentrates on the theory that people can select the right foods in order to train the body to lose weight without any ongoing diets. The book has recipes along with shopping lists, exercises and recommendations for supplements to use. Ultrametabolism also contains other weight related hints.

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Product Features

Ultrametabolism was developed as a way to teach its readers how to train their body to burn more fat through the choice of the right foods. The author provides potential customers with a preview of the book contents through their website. In order to preview the book, the reader will have to provide their email address. The potential customer can also sign up to take part in the ” Ultrametabolism Challenge.” This is supposedly run as a community of support where people can log on to the message board for encouragement, there is a recipe exchange and a tracker mechanism to track weight. The person can also utilize a personalized weight loss blog and participate in buddy lists to track other people’s progress as well as a way to do private messaging with other users. The site is supposed to be a place to go for encouragement and motivation and used as a companion to the book. Ultrametabolism central theme is the theory of genetic messages delivered to the body by the food, environment and toxins. The Ultrametabolism focuses on what it call the “metabolic keys.” The author contributes understanding how these keys work to the success of weight loss and retraining the body to burn fat. Brain chemistry and thyroid function are mentioned in the book. These are supposedly able to help with metabolic activity.

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  • Ultrametabolism is a book that might help to reduce and maintain weight naturally.
  • Promotes eating foods that are good for the body.


  • Ultrametabolism is based on unproven theories.
  • Requires a lifestyle change and commitment before any results are experienced.


Ultrametabolism is supposed to be a book written to help people lose weight and maintain a healthy weight through being able to reprogram their bodies natural tendencies. The theory supports the idea that one can train the body to burn fat instead of storing it. The method does require a commitment and lifestyle change. There is a little scientific evidence to support some of the claims in the book but the scientific community is in disagreement about the specifics or the validity of conclusions surrounding the theory.

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