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Ultraphen375 is a diet pill developed by Integra Labs. This weight loss supplement is primarily intended to suppress the user’s appetite, hence causing them to consume fewer calories overall. It seems that Ultraphen375 is no longer available, since it doesn’t appear to be offered through the official website with a posted price. Like most modern diet drugs, this product is not intended for individuals who are under 18, nor is it suitable for women who are pregnant or nursing. Free trial samples cannot be found.

In regards to key ingredients or active components found in Ultraphen375, there is Phentermine and Hoodia Gordonii, both of which are claimed to suppress hunger. Phentermine is a stimulant and Hoodia is a cactus extract that comes from South Africa. Hoodia Gordonii contains the key molecule known as P-57, which sends signals to the user’s brain. As far as regular exercise or a healthy diet go, these factors are not mentioned with Ultraphen375 supplements. After examining the official website, there do not appear to be any success stories posted to support Ultraphen375, nor is there a satisfaction guarantee or a 100% refund option available to consumers.

List of Ingredients

Not available on the official website.

Product Features

Ultraphen375 is a weight minimizing supplement that contains the active ingredients Hoodia Gordonii and Phentermine. This pill is taken on a regular basis to potentially suppress hunger and lead to weight loss. Clinical trials for Ultraphen375 are not presented online, nor are any warnings for individuals with health conditions. After doing some web surfing, it’s difficult to determine where this diet drug is actually sold. While it is apparently available without a doctor’s prescription, it may be discontinued at this point. Ultraphen375 is geared toward both adult women and men.

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  • Ultraphen375 comes in a simple pill form.
  • Ultraphen375 contains Hoodia, which is all-natural.
  • This diet product is not specifically for men or women only.


  • The official website for Ultraphen375 is rather uninformative.
  • Testimonials from past users are not posted to support Ultraphen375.
  • One of the key ingredients, Phentermine, is a know stimulant.
  • This dietary supplement doesn’t seem to be available any longer.
  • A refund option/guarantee is not mentioned for Ultraphen375.
  • Individuals under 18 and pregnant/nursing women can’t take this diet pill.


Like some weight loss products still found online, Ultraphen375 appears to be discontinued. Regardless, no price is offered and it’s unclear where it can be purchased. Therefore most dieters will probably not spare it a second glance. Also, it would certainly be helpful to know what else is in Ultraphen375 supplements and whether or not a refund is available to users that do not find it effective. Before taking any weight loss products like this, you should consult your doctor to learn more about potential side effects and any harmful ingredients they may have.

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