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UltraShape is a process that utilizes ultrasound technology that focuses on fat cells. The ultrasound disrupts the fat cells and breaks them down so they leave the body. The process is non-surgical and requires no recovery period. According to the website, the ultrasound waves do not injure or disrupt surrounding tissue or blood vessels.

The official website for UltraShape posts links to two clinical studies on their websites. The studies conducted by The American Society of Plastic Surgeons and Wiley-Liss, Inc. both noted positive results in body contouring when conducting their studies. The website shows both video and written testimonials from patients, beauty consultants and healthcare practitioners as well as before and after photos.


There are no ingredients for this product.

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The official website for UltraShape states that results are typically seen after three sessions. The sessions range from forty-five to sixty minutes. The treatments take place in a physician’s office. They can only take place after a consultation, during which the patient and physician will discuss areas needing treatment.

The treatments are outpatient and require no particular follow up activity to promote healing. Most patients feel no discomfort during the treatment. Clinics that perform UltraShape body contouring treatment are located in 57 countries. The website states that over 100,000 patients have had the contouring treatment.

The official website for UltraShape has a lot of before and after pictures and even a couple of informative videos but none of the information is very in-depth. At the time of this review, UltraShape is unavailable in the United States so if you are very interested in this procedure, you will be spending quite a bit of money on airfare.

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  • UltraShape is a non-invasive procedure that has relatively no side effects.


  • UltraShape is expensive.
  • Third party reviewers claim it costs a minimum of $3000 but can cost up to $9000 for a complete treatment.
  • UltraShape isn’t available in the United States so you will have to fly overseas or to Canada.
  • Third party reviews are mostly negative for UltraShape.


UltraShape uses an interesting technique to help get rid of fat in problem areas. Ultrasound has many different uses but how well it gets rid of fat is really unknown. The website has some clinical data posted but since it’s not available in the United States, we aren’t sure how reliable this data is. The United States has more rigorous standards than some countries so we’d like to get some clinical data results from a well known US company.

Due to the negative reviews found on the Internet and the inability to try UltraShape in the US, we recommend trying some potent thermogenic weight loss supplements for a while before you spend a lot of money on a treatment such as this.

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2 User Reviews about UltraShape

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    I had ultrashape done in 5 and a half sessions. A half because the last one was only done on the smallest part of my (gut) stomach. Here is the truth: If you have quite a big gut and you are expecting a perfectly flat stomach with a 6 pack then you will need a tummy tuck. Ultrashape will reduce your fat but won’t shrink your skin. If you have quite a bit of fat on your stomach like I did and it gets removed you are left with some saggy skin and some fat under it. My stomach feels like it did a few weeks after having a baby. Every thing I have read says it takes months to years for your skin to tighten up after rapid weight loss. I was able to get ultra shape for 50% off due to a special they were having. I first purchased a three session pack for about $1,300 . The first time two times I had it done I didn’t notice any difference on my stomach. After the third time I had it done I noticed a difference. I feel like you forget what you looked like when you started, and expect amazing results so you don’t notice that it’s actually working. I took before and after pictures of myself and I could really see a difference! I decided to buy a fourth session for the “icing on the cake” We had a few problems with the bands slipping off so she gave me a fifth session for free on the lower part of my gut. I started out at 127 lbs i’m 5′ 5″ age 35. Now I weigh 120. and I lost 2″ off my stomach and went from a size 7 to a 5. Yes I ate healthy and followed the diet they suggested. However I wasn’t perfect and I didn’t exercise (I do house/yard work and chase kids around). I know part of the inches lost is because of the pounds I lost. I do think my stomach is flatter then it has been since high school and I look great with my clothes on. I do wish I had a six pack but I don’t think that could happen without a tummy tuck to get rid of the last little bit of fat and loose skin. PS I have also had three kids. My conclusion is that I am happy with the results and would diffidently recommend ultrashape as long as you know you will look better then before, but not as good as you would with a tummy tuck, Take your own before and after pictures! So you will remember what you used to look like!


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    I had UltraShape done. Had to travel to MX. to get it. I cost $1,800 for one small area. It did not work! No difference at all. Granted, I only had one treatment but for that much money, (treatment cost and airfare) it would have been nice to have seen SOME difference! Save your money for something that is more proven to work.