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Unique International is a company that offers the weight loss supplement UltraTrim. Regular exercise and healthy eating are not specified to be included with this diet drug. Therefore, like some other weight reduction pills, the supplement itself is supposed to do all of the work. UltraTrim is apparently sold through select dealers, but not via an official website. Actually, there doesn’t appear to be an official website at all. Customer testimonials are not currently posted for UltraTrim pills.

There appear to be at least five major ingredients offered in UltraTrim supplements. These are Folic Acid, Acetyl-l-Carnitine, CoQ10, Cobalamin and Pyridoxine (a form of Vitamin B-6). Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be known components found in UltraTrim that suppress appetite or burn away unwanted fat. There is no official price listed for UltraTrim diet pills, which means that it may vary from dealer to dealer. Again, the specific retailer will also determine whether or not UltraTrim is offered with any kind of guarantee or refund option. It’s actually quite common for there not to be one. UltraTrim is stated to be free of harmful ingredients like Ephedrine and Ephedra. It’s not clear if this weight loss supplement must be taken at certain times or prior to major meals.

List of Ingredients

Not available through an official website.

Product Features

UltraTrim is one of many diet supplements that are promised to assist with weight loss or fat reduction. This product incorporates ingredients like Folic Acid, Acetyl-l-Carnitine, CoQ10, Cobalamin and Pyridoxine. Since no clinical research or trials are discussed for UltraTrim, it’s hard to tell how exactly that this diet pill aids in the weight loss process. On the surface, there are no real active ingredients found in UltraTrim that directly help with weight reduction. No warnings are posted on an official website for this diet pill.

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  • UltraTrim contains a form of Vitamin B-6, which is commonly beneficial to anyone.
  • UltraTrim is sold in a simple and convenient pill form.


  • There isn’t any significant background information offered on the company that manufactures UltraTrim supplements.
  • Directions for taking this product are not specified online.
  • UltraTrim may contain ingredients that are harmful to some users.
  • UltraTrim cannot be conveniently purchased through an official website.
  • There is no official retail price listed for this diet drug.
  • No clinical data or customer reviews are posted to support UltraTrim as a weight loss product.


When it comes down to it, there isn’t much of a reason for dieters to choose UltraTrim supplements over the numerous other weight loss products available. Not only does this diet drug lack an official website and evidence to support its effectiveness, but there’s not even a price posted for UltraTrim. This diet drug would likely get more attention if there was some background information offered on the company, an explanation of the key ingredients and a money-back guarantee offered to support the product’s claims.

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    actually it does have a website and prices including shipping


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    bob hill

    ultra trim is not available.. it does not exist…


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