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The concept of Understanding Nutrition was conceived by the Nutritionist and Dietician Jessica Setmick who is based in Dallas, Texas. She says that her mission with Understanding Nutrition is to apply the concepts of basic nutrition to real life eating situations. She is a nutritionist who has specialized in treating eating disorders in both adults and children. She runs what she calls an Understanding Nutrition Diet Boot Camp. She describes her Diet Boot Camp as a training workshop for those who want to work with clients who have eating disorders.


There are no ingredients since Understanding Nutrition is a concept of dealing with eating disorders. It was conceived by the Nutritionist Jessica Setmick.

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Jessica Setmick has served as a Clinical Dietician at the Children’s Medical Centre of Dallas, and also amongst other things she gives lectures at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School. She has an official website dedicated to the Understanding Nutrition programmes that she runs. She says that the Understanding Nutrition Eating Disorders Boot Camp, ‘provides practical skills for addressing and helping patients navigate the many nutrition misconceptions and distortions promoted by our current food fearing environment.’ She goes on to say that the Understanding Nutrition Eating Disorders Boot Camp is ‘appropriate for Health Professionals working or preparing to work both in general practice and/or specifically with eating disorders.’ She also gives various lectures to professional groups nationwide throughout the US on the subject. If you have weight or eating disorder challenges you can book individual appointments with Jessica Setmick. There is also an online shop on her official site where you can order such titles as, ‘The Eating Disorder Book of Hope and Healing for Kids.’

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  • Jessica Setmick who runs the Understanding Nutrition Program is very well qualified.
  • Jessica Setmick has an official website.
  • You can contact Jessica Setmick directly by email, telephone or fax.


  • It seems as if you need to be a Health Professional in order to access the Eating Disorders Boot Camp.
  • The website seems to be lacking in some essential information and it is not always clear what she is referring to when she speaks of Eating Disorders on the website.
  • The website does not tell us how much an individual session with Jessica Setmick costs.
  • The website does not give any concrete information about how to lose weight sensibly and it is clearly intended more for those suffering from clinical eating disorders than for those looking to lose a little weight for health or aesthetic reasons.


There is no doubt that Jessica Setmick is very well qualified and experienced at treating eating disorders through her Understanding Nutrition program, but if you are overweight and are looking for someone who can guide you as to a safe diet plan she may not be the person for you. It seems as though her Understanding Nutrition workshops are aimed at those who are actually working in the Health Profession. Her niche area also seems to be Eating Disorders, and wanting to lose weight does not necessarily of course mean that you have an eating disorder.

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