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Uni Key is a health supplement company that markets many health related products including Ann Louise Gittleman’s supplements. These supplements are meant to help a person lose weight. The most popular supplement is called the Fat Flush Diet Plan. All other supplements in the line are centered around supporting users of the Fat Flush. The system relies on urging the user to fast and perform a detoxification program to lose weight and supposedly as a liver support system. The company claims the process will help to regulate hormones and improve the metabolism of blood sugar in a healthy way. The Fat Flush Diet Plan takes 2 weeks to complete and is very intensive. The 2 week period is to be followed up by a more moderate ritual until the person’s desired weight goal has been achieved. After that, a lifetime maintenance program is recommended.

List Of Ingredients

Uni Key’s “The Fat Flush Kit” comes with Anne Gittleman’s book called: “The Fat Flush Plan”, Dieter’s Multivitamins and Minerals, GLA-90 and Weight Loss Formula. The products can also be found individually on the company website. Uni Key offers many more products that have their own ingredients or components that come with them.

Product Features

The Fat Flush Plan, according to the author, is a lifestyle program and is not meant to be done once and never again. The first two weeks are intensive, then this is followed by a moderate program which is then followed by a lifetime maintenance program. Utilizing this system takes commitment. There is no scientific evidence to support the effectiveness or safety of the Fat Flush Plan offered by Uni Key. The health risks may outweigh any benefits that might be possible. As with most programs of this nature, it is likely weight will return as soon as the user begins to eat again. This program is supposed to help the user by regulating hormones and improving liver function. The program is purported to be helpful to acne and other skin conditions in addition to menopausal symptom relief. These statements have not been substantiated by any scientific data. The plan offers many different variations and the company offers the supplements in different kit sizes. Fat Loss Whey protein powder is a vanilla flavored powder drink that is supposed to have enough nutrients to use as a meal replacement shake.

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  • The company is supposed to use all natural ingredients.
  • The company offers a variety of products to support the central Fat Flush product.


  • The company does not offer any data to support their claims.
  • There may be health risks associated with long term use but the company claims it is safe for extended use.


Uni Key is a company that distributes many types of health care related products. The main product appears to be Ann Gittleman’s Fat Flush Plan. This plan has a 2 week intensive component, followed by a 4 week moderate component and then a lifetime maintenance plan. The plan is not a single use plan but requires a lifestyle change which may or may not have health risks. It will be important for the user to seek medical advice before beginning an intensive program such as the product offered by Uni Key.

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    I bought HCL +2 Digestive Support to possibly help with stomach pain and bloating I have been dealing with for years. It was terrible. It made my stomach far worse than it ever had been. I had to quit taking it. Then I called to see if I could return the product. Sure, I could if I paid for the expensive shipping AND even then I would only get credit for another one of their products. I rated this product only 1 star but even that was too many for my situation.


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    Tom Dill

    I have been using Uni Key and Ann Louise’s Fat Flush products for years. Hands down they carry some of the highest quality supplements and have literally changed my life. I lost a total of about 40lbs and that was only in a few months. Four Years later and I am healthier than ever.


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