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Unique produces the dietary supplement called Hoodia. The supplement is supposed to aid in weight loss through the reduction of appetite. The company places several references to scientific research on their website, however, the research is not specific to the effects of Unique Hoodia. One research study cited, only reference that most of Hoodia sold on the internet is not pure Hoodia Gordonii. The company, Unique, claims the Hoodia found in their supplement is all natural and authentic Hoodia Gordonii from the South African cactus. This is supposed to be the only Hoodia that is researched for appetite suppression. The company tells a purported background about the Hoodia Gordonii being used by the Bushmen in the Kalahari desert to suppress their appetite. The company claims the cactus pulp works through a P57 molecule. Hoodia Gordonii became popular in diet aids after receiving media attention. The cactus is supposed to be rare and only a few diet supplement companies are suppose to have rights to the cacti. It is unknown how much of this story is true. The scientific research as to the effectiveness is sparse and inconclusive.

List Of Ingredients

Unique Hoodia is supposed to be made from the “real, unaltered, pure South African Hoodia Gordonii,” according to the company. They claim the formula contains 460mg of Hoodia in each capsule and state this is more than other products. The supplement comes in boxes containing 90 capsules.

Product Features

The Unique Hoodia supplement is supposed to help the user lose weight through a reduction in caloric intake. This does not account for the snacking and eating people do from habit rather than actual hunger, therefore the clinical studies that the company cites may not indicate typical results for the users individual situation. The company claims the capsules will help the user take in 2000 calories less each day. Unique Hoodia also claims the ingredients have been clinically proven. It is unclear if the research study used Hoodia in a supplement form or if they used it in the original form. The company claims the dietary supplement can help the user lose up to 5 pounds per week.

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  • Unique Hoodia is supposed to be made with authentic Hoodia and provides a certificate of authenticity on their website.
  • The product contains only a single active ingredient.
  • Unique Hoodia provides a money back guarantee.


  • The research cited by Unique Hoodia is unclear as to how the Hoodia was tested.


Unique Hoodia is supposed to utilize only authentic Hoodia in its product. The cactus has been tested and thought to provide some appetite suppressant factors but it may not address all dieters needs. There is not scientific research testing on the Unique Hoodia product itself. The research data does not indicate if the amount of active ingredient in Unique Hoodia is sufficient to yield the same results in the clinical trials.

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