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UniqueHoodia offers an official website, online ordering, ingredients and certification for the Hoodia used in the supplement. Certification is required to prove authenticity as South African officials will not allow the supplement to be transported out of the country with a certificate – called a CITES certificate. The CITES certificate shown on the website may be real, but the company name is blacked out. That means the CITES certificate could have been lifted or copied from any official Hoodia source on the Internet.

The term unique and Hoodia do not typically appear together. Hoodia claims to suppress the appetite, but we are curious what makes this product unique when there is only one Hoodia.

List of Ingredients

Hoodia Gordonii.

Product Features

As we guessed, the only ingredient in the supplement is South African Hoodia. The label reads 465 mg but the description reads 460 mg. This may be a small difference, but which amount is the correct amount? According to UniqueHoodia, other supplements include various ingredients to make their supplement more effective. These ingredients are referred to as fillers. In the weight loss market, many ingredients added to Hoodia are proven to increase weight loss like caffeine and green tea. Appetite is not the only problem encountered by those trying to lose weight. These are not filler ingredients.

Clinical trials have been completed on P57, the active ingredient in Hoodia with great success. The trouble is that 60% or more of all “real” Hoodia supplements contain no Hoodia at all. Independent labs regularly tested natural products for proper amounts and authenticity of claimed ingredients. The number of Hoodia supplements without proper amounts or any Hoodia at all was 60% in 2006.

UniqueHoodia sells for $54.95 for a one-month supply. If authentic Hoodia Gordonii were used, the product price should be much higher as farmers cannot keep up with the production of the milk weed due to the huge demand. There are hundreds of varieties of Hoodia and each needs to be tested for efficacy and P57 level. This has yet to occur in the scientific community.

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  • Complete ingredient list offered online.


  • UniqueHoodia offers no unique benefits.
  • This product may not contain Hoodia.
  • The CITES certificate shows no business name.


Dieters should not waste $55 on a supplement claiming to contain pure Hoodia without outside proof the supplement contains Hoodia and in the labeled amounts. If is not Hoodia that suppresses appetite, but P57 the active ingredient. We have no idea how much P57 the supplement is standardized for. As is the case with most Hoodia supplements, UniqueHoodia offers dieters very little appetite support. The product is vague at best and offers no fat burning or stimulating “fillers”.

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