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Univera is a company that was founded through the work of independent resellers. These resellers would recruit additional resellers. Each person would receive compensation for the products sold by themselves and those selling under them. The company does sell the products directly on their website. The consumer choosing to purchase directly should brace for an offer to become a distributor or to join their club. Univera offers products that are supposed to help a personal general health, help with age related issues and help with weight loss. The baby boomer generation is the company’s targeted demographic. Univera sells Ageless Xtra that is supposed to be an anti aging formula and is promoted as a way to “reverse and prevent cell damage.” Univera is also the distributor of Essentials which is a nutritional supplement, and MetaGreens which is a phytonutrient, a Prime C component to aid in energy, Aloe Gold that is supposed to help with digestion, Meta Berry that is supposed to be an antioxidant and a weight loss aid that comes under the name of The Inthinity System.

List Of Ingredients

Univera is the marketer of several different products. The company claims all ingredients used in all of their products are a blend of all natural plant products and synthetic blend products. Each supplement will have their own unique blend of formula and the ratio between botanical and synthetic ingredients will vary according to the specific supplement chosen.

Product Features

Univera has many different types of supplements available. The company states their desire to meet the needs of everyone. The products are supposed to help people with skin cell repair needs to meeting weight loss goals. The company claims they work to address health needs. There is no evidence that the ingredients and formulas claimed by the company are substantiated by scientific research.

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  • Univera uses mainly botanical ingredients but also synthetic ingredients are used as well.
  • Univera offers many products for sale to help the consumer find a product that they can use.
  • Products come with a 90-day guarantee.


  • Some users may find Univera products expensive.


Univera is a company that markets dietary supplements for many health related needs. The company has many products in their line-up. The company targets the aging adult population with anti aging products. The supplements are supposed to help improve energy and aid in weight loss. The company operates as multilevel marketing company that allows the user to purchase online, from a distributor or become a distributor of the products.

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39 User Reviews about Univera

  • 1
    Michelle scarrone

    I have recently had ovarian cancer also I have hepatitis c can university harm me or help me please get back to me
    Sincerely michelle


  • 2
    R. Husid

    Am interested in all information about Xtra Concentrate- the risks, benefits, side effects and cost.


  • 3

    my wife and I take xperia,the bottle warnes that if you hve high bp or diabetes,not to consume this product. I am perplexed, what is the true story regaring this. we are considering stopping usage until we get the answers.


  • 4
    Rochelle Kelley

    I was told that your product is helping people with depression?? And where can I buy it in the Seattle / SeaTac area


  • 5

    I know this is different, but if anyone has a virus or needs more energy or fight the flu take Gene Eden VIR. I was very skeptical about it but it works amazingly!! I have so much energy now and completely got rid of my virus which i highly believe is due to gene eden. It has natural ingredients only, you can’t get much better than that. It is FDA approved and there are no known side affects, it has been out for three years. Check it out if your interested i am very impressed how well it worked for me.


  • 6

    Expensive products .. be careful if insulin dependent… HORRIBLE return policy of 4-6 weeks .. :(



    4-6 weeks? sorry if you have actually ordered from them it is a 90 day 100% money back guarantee.



    How do I go about getting my money back? I have my receipts, an empty bottle of PRIME and a full box left of the Regenicare. I used up 2 boxes of the Regenicare and threw out the packaging but do still have all my receipts.


  • 7
    Best Finds

    You can go to your local health food store to get the same products and ingredients way below the cost of Univera. Please don’t pay for your sponsor’s ‘lifestyle.’



    Amen they are the most selfish people I hate multi level companies I should trust my instincts and ran as fast as i could now I am waiting for my money back that for some reason they can take instantly but say it will take 6 to 8 weeks for a refund. Never trust anyone that pushes you into more then your comfortable with they would have been better off just letting me try the product that I wanted to take instead of making me feel pushed into more then I needed or could afford…


  • 8
    George Daniels

    hello i have been told that i have M S would univera help with this disease



    Hello George
    I am sorry to hear you have been diagnosed with MS. I know that Univera does not claim to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent any disease state. However, I know of a woman in NC who had MS and was walking on two canes. After taking Xtra and RegeniCARE for three months she no longer needs the canes, has lost weight and is in a much happier mood. Her doctors are perplexed because they are not used to seeing reversal of those symptoms.Please contact menif you need more information.



    Hi George,
    The answer is ‘no’. I’m a prescriber and my husband had MS. He’s a scientist and we’re aware of any current resarch and data. Please be aware of these 3rd party testimonials…”i knew a woman” or “my friend knew this guy…”. Take your vitamin D (science-backed), keep your weight down by eating low fat, high fiber, fruits and veg, exercise to maintain muscle strength.


    Your Name

    Seen it break down gout that was there for years, they were shocked


  • 9

    Love this post on Univera it’s realy a great review and gives you an overall idea, hope to read more soon. http://www.didiervanmooter.com


  • 10

    If you are concerned about any potential effects of a nutritional product you are taking, you would be best to monitor what you are concerned about (BP etc) while taking the product. I have not had any customers have any issues with the aloe, and have only reported great benefits with digestive issues. I use it myself.


  • 11
    Colleen Davis

    As a new user and just purchased products for myself and diabetic (type II) boyfriend……are they same in conjunction with Metformin?


  • 12

    My wife and I have taken Univera supplements for 10 years and at 75 yrs. of age, we both work and play like we are 50. So that’s reason enough for me to take them.


  • 13
    J Diane Fountain

    Can anyone tell me if they have used Univera and Nikken products in order to compare. Of course, not at the same time?


  • 14
    J Diane Fountain

    My hubby is presently taking some Univera products for severe neuropathy. (only 2wks.)If they work GREAT, we are considering doing this for a business. He also has taken many Nikken supplements for cancer (along with chemo)this past summer. I can say that I am sure they helped him with the cancer, (not neuropathy). At the date of this question, he is cancer free. As ANYONE else ever taken both (at different times) and compared their results?


  • 15

    what I don’t like about your products is that they are NOT all natural. Imagine if they do work, how much better they would work if none of it was processed in a lab? my guess is that it would work 3 times better and be healthier for you. I just know I am not mixing the two I want all or nothing ;-)


  • 16

    I just got alot of the Xperia.But the date is 2008 Do you think its safe to drink??



    NEVER take ANY nutritional supplement past the expiration date. What may be good today may also turn toxic after a few years. I like Univera, but it is pricy. Throw the other stuff out, there is NO benefit on taking a chance to improve your health if you are also putting it at risk at the same time.


  • 17

    your aloe gold formula works well, but I notice it contains chinese licorice root. I do know that licorice root, unless it is deglcyrrhized, has adverse health effects, such as raising the blood pressure. Can you comment on the safety of your formulation please?


  • 18

    I love the products from Univera they are the best out there and yes they could get a little to expensive, but if it makes me feel better and it does then the price shouldn’t matter.


  • 19

    There are a couple things that could use updateing. First off Univera has 167 national and international patents and patents pending. Second, there are PLENTY or testimonials. Third, in the disadvantages section it says no money back guarantee which is false. There is in fact a 90 day money back guarantee (most nutritional products only offer 30 day). And last, it says no evidence to support claims, . . .well what do you call randomized, double blind placebo controlled human clinical trials? Sounds like support to me. As far as anti-aging, well I started using at 24 so while its true Baby Boomers may be a huge part of their market, younger people can still enjoy the dramatic improvments their products offer. Rockstar, Monster and AM/PM 24 oz coffee’s used to be my daily resource for energy. Not too good for you and I don’t want to look and feel (or deteriorate) like tha average American. Univera has “The Goods”.



    Thanks for the update Marcos, the company has changed since our original review. We’ve made appropriate changes. Always happy to get corrections from readers, thanks!


  • 20
    Terre Ingalls

    I have been using Univera Xtra, ReginaCare,& ReginaFree for 7 weeks now and my fibromalygia symptoms have gone away, I have more energy then the Energizer Bunny but more importantly I feel like myself 20 yrs ago.They are tested in a double blind study and they do have a 90 day money back guarantee. Never got that from any of the “other” suppliment companies I have purchased from and have a closet full of non-working products. I would give Univera away to everyone if I had the money to do it. It worked for me.



    what do you mean energy like the bunny does the regenifree univera have caffene in it



    No, they don’t have caffeine. I have fibro and rather than take Neurontin as prescribed by my doctor….I choose to correct the CAUSE…it always amazes me that people will opt for solutions to illness put out by pharmaceutical companies rather than giving the body what it needs to heal itself. Xtra and Regenifree have been a Godsend



    No caffeine in their products.


  • 21
    Maria Antonieta Soto

    Ageless Xtra is supposed to have healed a patient with Bell’s Palsy. do you know anything about th



    Bell’s Palsy usually recovers on its own. You don’t need Univera.


  • 22

    univera products do work.. my whole family uses them and have dropped weight and lowered their cholesterol.. and they do have a 90 money back guarrantee if you dont like the product..


  • 23
    Josh Henery

    I have epilepsy, someone wants me to buy a univera product to help reduce my seizures. There is no medical proof these products will benefit me. Why should I buy any univera product to help reduce my seizures?



    There is little if any medical proof about hundreds of products that will potentially and most likely help you.
    You can thank the “FDA” who want to monopolize everything,for this!!!!



    If they are an associate of univera as I am. there is proof they have paid for more human clinical trials then dozens of companies. Any kind of doctor can get copies of them for you. I can track them down if that will convince you. I take univera and so does a lot of my family for different things, it really does work and it is all natural. I have toured the plant farm right here in lacey wa. whoever this is talking in this article has it all wrong and just wants to push the diet of the week on you. email me if you have questions, if you have seizures you should really at least ry it what do you have to loose. There is a money back garuntee it’s called the 90 day challenge and if it doesn’t work you get your money back.


    Sondra Harnes

    Univera associates sign a contract in which they agree to NOT make medical claims for any of the products. Whoever told you that a Univera product would reduce your seizures should not have said that.



    I wish you buy off the from a retailer or the internet. Utilizing pyramid system. Makes you wonder who’s wanting to make money and who’s telling the truth.