Universal Nutrition BCAA Review

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What You Should Know

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Universal Nutrition BCAA supplement claims to support healthy amino acid levels when dieting or training intensely. BCAAs, or branched chain amino acids, are present in protein, but dieters do not always get the protein they need in a reduced calorie diet. There is no evidence that the typical dieter needs additional BCAAs to lose weight nor is any clinical research listed on the Universal Nutrition website to that effect. There are multiple flavors of Universal Nutrition BCAA supplements available from the official website, including grape, orange and lemon lime.

List of Ingredients

Glutamine, Isoleucine, Leucine and Valine.

Product Features

Universal Nutrition BCAA supports healthy muscle growth and prevents muscles from breaking down during exercise. Muscle fibers are made up of 35-percent BCAAs. BCAAs are also responsible for producing insulin so muscle fibers can take in energy.

When supplementing BCAAs, the bodybuilder should take up to 8 grams before a workout and 8 grams after a workout. One serving of Universal Nutrition BCAA contains 7.75 grams of branched chain amino acids. This is just the right amount for supporting muscle during intense exercise.

The average dieter has no need for large amounts of amino acids. Muscles don’t typically break down from regular exercise. Amino acids are also found in food sources like lean meats, so the dieter should be taking in enough amino acids through food.

Amino acids are more effective when taken with chromium, zinc, vitamin B6, vitamin B12 and biotin. Universal Nutrition BCAA does not contain any of these ingredients, but bodybuilders are likely getting these vitamins from other supplements or protein powders. It is simple to add a multi-vitamin with the BCAA supplement to optimize muscle health.

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  • Contains branched chain amino acids for optimal muscle growth.
  • Contains amino acids for faster muscle recovery.
  • May increase muscle energy.
  • Universal Nutrition BCAA is ideal for bodybuilders and athletes.
  • Prevents the break down of muscle fibers during intense exercise.


  • Does not contain vitamins necessary for optimal use of BCAAs.
  • Dieters do not need supplemental branched chain amino acids to lose weight.
  • May cost more than other BCAA supplements.
  • Designed for bodybuilders not dieters.
  • Will not increase metabolism or weight loss.


Universal Nutrition BCAA supplements are designed for the bodybuilder that forces the muscle into a state of break down. This is common when attempting to build more muscle than appears humanly possible, but it is not common for the average dieter. BCAAs will not harm the dieter, but choosing a protein powder with added BCAAs or a BCAA supplement is a waste of money for someone trying to lose weight. Fat burners and appetite suppressants will better serve the dieter.

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