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Universal Nutrition Real Gains is a protein powder designed to help the bodybuilder gain muscle and weight. Weight gain is the end goal for the bodybuilder. Ideally, that weight would be in the form of muscle. Universal Nutrition Real Gains is slightly less potent than Gain Fast, but it still contains 600 calories per serving. On average, the bodybuilder is supposed to take supplements like Real Gains three times a day so the extra caloric load is a mere 1,800, about half that of Gain Fast. This product is ideal for the intermediate or beginner bodybuilder who wants to prevent weight loss, but does not have the workout intensity to burn off the 3,100 calories per serving found in Gain Fast. As is the case with all gainers, this product contains carbohydrates.

List of Ingredients


Real Gains Protein Complex: Ultra Filtered Whey Concentrate, Micellar Casein, Whey Protein Isolate.

Inulin, Lecithin, Flaxseed Oil, MCT, Calcium Caseinate.

Product Features

Do you want to workout for hours and never lose a pound? That does not sound like a desire of the average dieter because dieters want to lose weight. However, bodybuilders look at weight loss as a negative thing. During the cutting phase, weight loss is expected as water is pushed out of the body and fat burners are used to increase metabolism. However, during the bulking phase, bodybuilders want to provide muscles with all the protein they need to increase muscle size and recover faster.

Universal Nutrition Real Gains is half the calories of Gain Fast, so bodybuilders just starting out can suppress weight loss while maintaining a healthy fat level.

Dieters will not gain anything but weight from taking this supplement. With 600 calories per serving, about half the total caloric intake for the female dieter, the powder is just too much for the dieter. If this supplement were used in place of two meals a day, the dieter may be able to maintain weight or lose weight, but it would be highly difficult to maintain a liquid diet for an extended period of time.

Universal Nutrition Real Gains contains maltodextrin as the first ingredient. The nutrition label reveals there are 87 carbohydrates per serving with only 2 grams fiber and 7 grams sugar. We have no idea where the remaining 78 carbohydrates come from. We know it is the maltodextrin and maltodextrin is a sugar so we are unsure why the total sugar grams are not included on the label.

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  • Contains just the right number of calories for the intermediate bodybuilder.
  • Contains more than 50 grams of protein.
  • Not as strong as Gain Fast.
  • All ingredients are listed online.


  • We are unsure why total carbohydrates are so high when there are only a few sugar and fiber grams.
  • Not designed for weight loss.
  • Will cause weight gain in the average dieter.
  • Dieters do not need this much protein.
  • Contains highly specialized forms of protein, better for the bodybuilder.


There are some products designed for bodybuilders that are just not compatible into any part of weight loss and Universal Nutrition Real Gains is one of those products. Taking in 600 to 1,800 extra calories a day is not the best idea when trying to lose weight. In some cases, these products are used by elderly patients who have difficulty eating or women who are pregnant and need to gain weight. In these special circumstances, the doctor suggesting gainers would need to choose the best product.

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