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Universal Nutrition Ripped Fast is a fat burner with strong diuretic ingredients. The fat burner includes just one source of stimulation, which is a bit of a surprise. Most fat burners created by bodybuilding companies are packed with stimulants like caffeine and synephrine. We did find a strong appetite-suppressant in the formula, but without a proven stimulant to burn fat there is little benefit to taking the supplement. There are also express dangers associated with bodybuilding and diuretics.

List of Ingredients

Vitamin B6, Chromium.

Choline Complex and Carnitine Complex.

Kola Extract, Inositol, Short Buchu, Hops Flower, Uva Ursi Extract, B-Sitosterol, Betaine HCL.

Other Ingredients: Choline Citrate, Inositol, Monophosphate, Whey (Milk), L-Carnitine, Soy Lecithin, Burdock, Magnesium Stearate, Stearic Acid and Pyridoxine HCL.

Product Features

The “other ingredients” are almost as interesting as the main ingredients in Universal Nutrition Ripped Fast. We are almost positive that there are some hidden ingredients in this formula that are not listed on the ingredient label. For instance, the Choline Complex is listed on the label without specific ingredients as is the Carnitine Complex. We can assume the ingredients in these complexes are listed in the “other ingredients” but that is just an assumption.

Kola extract is the source of stimulation, but how strong this ingredient is would be easy to determine if the 100 mg of kola extract were standardized to a specific amount of caffeine. This information is typically included on the label, but this is not the case with Universal Nutrition Ripped Fast.

Short buchu, hops flower, uva ursi and buchu are all diuretics. Bodybuilders typically use diuretics during the cutting phase of bodybuilding. The cutting phase is the time when fat loss and water loss are important to define muscles. While we expect the bodybuilder to use these ingredients, they are not typically included in a fat burner. The average dieter does not need to take four diuretics to lose weight.

There are cases of death associated with bodybuilders taking diuretics. Diuretics strip the body of potassium and cause electrolyte imbalance in the muscle.

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  • Contains chromium to suppress appetite and control blood glucose.
  • An ingredient list is available online.
  • The dieter can purchase Universal Nutrition Ripped Fast from online retailers.


  • Contains four diuretics.
  • Does not contain a proven metabolism booster.


Universal Nutrition is a trusted name in bodybuilding supplements, but Universal Nutrition Ripped Fast is not your typical fat burner. The ingredient list contains more diuretics than fat burning ingredients. The fat burning ingredients included in the supplement are not proven to increase metabolism, so the average dieter may find more support from a proven supplement with caffeine and green tea.

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