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Universal Nutrition Tribulus Pro is a supplement that claims it may increase levels of luteinizing hormone or LH. LH may directly affect testosterone levels. The product description is full of words like “may” and “might.” There is even a section that states “researchers believe.” With statements like these and no links to clinical evidence tribulus supports bodybuilders in any way, the consumer must approach the supplement with caution.

Tribulus is associated with increased male libido in animal studies. Typically, supplement companies will increase libido boosters in testosterone boosting supplements, but the two are not synonymous. Just because an ingredient boosts male libido does not mean it boosts testosterone levels.

List of Ingredients

Tribulus Terrestris Extract and Tribulus Terrestris Powder.

Product Features

The two main claims to fame for tribulus terrestris are its ability to increase testosterone levels and boost strength. In clinical studies, this ingredient has been proven to have no such benefits. Bodybuilders have been known to take products like Universal Nutrition Tribulus Pro after a cycle of steroids. Steroids cause an imbalance in estrogen, which is why many men taking steroids for a prolonged period of time will start growing breasts, called gyneomastia. Tribulus will not restore proper testosterone levels and it will not reverse the negative effects of steroids.

Universal Nutrition Tribulus Pro may increase male libido, but clinical studies with this result have been completed on animals and not humans. Most animals studies are just a step in the human direction, but many natural supplement companies do not have the money to promote a full series of tests up to the human stages.

We found no evidence that Universal Nutrition Tribulus Pro increases LH. One study has been performed on the effects of Tribulus in couples, but the study was held in the 1970s and no base data was acquired to which results could be compared. Basically, the findings are worthless because there was no control or baseline group.

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  • Universal Nutrition Tribulus Pro ingredients are listed online.
  • May boost libido and sex drive.
  • Available for sale online.


  • Clinical studies prove tribulus does not increase strength or testosterone.
  • The only study supporting increased sex drive was completed in the 1970s in Bulgaria.
  • Will not benefit dieters trying to lose weight.
  • Will not help bodybuilders achieve normal testosterone levels after taking steroids.


There are tons of websites and web pages with information on tribulus and why it should be used in bodybuilding. We are often stunned by the sheer lack of false information presented by these sites. Universal Nutrition Tribulus Pro is not proven to have any benefit for the dieter or bodybuilder. It will not increase testosterone and it will not increase metabolism. There is only a slight bit of evidence that the ingredient will boost sex drive and the study supporting that theory is old and uncontrolled.

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