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Unjury is the brand name of a product manufactured and distributed by ProSynthesis Laboratories, Inc., a company based and located in Reston, Virginia and co-founded by a registered dietician who holds an MSc degree in Clinical Nutrition from Boston University. The founder once ran the clinical nutrition division of a large teaching hospital, and has lots of experience in hospital management, nursing homes, home care and research. The company claims to manufacture protein products that both taste good and are of the highest quality. Unjury is one of those products, and it is offered in a number of different flavors and packaging. They say it is processed from good medical quality whey protein powder, and that with it you can make a protein shake or smoothie that tastes really good. They also say that you can even add the powder to your own protein recipes. Research in the clinical field has shown that a person has much greater satisfaction, does not suffer from hunger as much and has more success in losing weight when he or she is on a diet that is relatively high in protein. Unjury is a protein diet supplement that supposedly slips easily into this notch – your hunger is satisfied better and this actually is meant to help you to lose weight. You don’t have to keep your eye on those calories since the supplement is all protein.


Unjury is manufactured from only the highest possible quality whey protein isolate.

Product Features

Unjury comes in four flavors and one un-flavor – chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, chicken soup and unflavored. The latter can be added to food as a protein supplement with no flavor change or to drinks such as orange juice. The chicken soup flavored Unjury needs little explanation – it can be used as an excellent cup-o-soup for a quick snack or even for a more substantial meal. Some people have even added it to chicken pieces as a casserole sauce. The remaining three go without saying – they make great tasting shakes or smoothies.

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  • Add a protein boost to your diet without having to worry about those extra calories.
  • The company has shown itself to be very conscious about ingredients supplied by China and refuses to use ingredients made in that country
  • The Unjury website has some very good tips on how to use the supplement.


  • The company makes many claims for a product that is clearly just flavored whey powder.
  • For a simple flavored whey powder this product is very expensive.


In an effort to steer clear of fat and cholesterol, many dieters stay away from foods such as cheese and meat, food sources that, in fact, are a good source of protein. The result of this reduction in protein intake is that it can affect weigh loss and one’s general health. The result – hunger! Using Unjury as a protein supplement is supposed to give your body the protein content that it needs.

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  • 1
    Linda RN

    Your Evaluation is INACCURATE, “The company makes many claims for a product that is clearly just flavored whey powder. For a simple flavored whey powder this product is very expensive.” Yes it is expensive but…..

    Until you see patients who refuse to drink the Protein supplements that Doctors ordered for them, and get weaker and weaker; you don’t know how valuable a great tasting GRIT FREE protein supplement that dissolves quickly and completely is.
    This is hardly just a “simple flavored whey powder” Expensive, yes, but worth it.


  • 2
    Karen Schilero

    Good Afternoon, I am currently going through Chemo Treatments for Colon cancer. My problem is weight gain. I lost a lot of weight prior to diagnosis and I am eating (pretty well) but the weight is coming slowly. I have a lot of energy and do drink Ensure with a scoop of another protein powder. Can Unjury help me gain weight and why is it different?



  • 3
    Krissy Payton

    I am 8 yrs post op of the Gastric RNY and this is an excellent tasting protein supplement. In my 8 yrs I tried others after UNJURY and now just keep it on hand. My bariatric doctor recommended and I too will recommend.


  • 4

    UNJURY great i love it evern the chicken is good add chickn and carrots soup just can t find it cheeper have to go to the web page to get it.


  • 5
    jeannie sipes

    What store can you go to to buy this unjury



    U can only order it on their website unjury.com


  • 6
    Teresa Faulk

    I have been using the unflavored in my coffee for the last four months. My hair is falling out since the last couple of weeks. I read that if you use the powder in something very hot it due proteins. Is this true?


    Your Name

    I think you have a type-o making your question unclear. You hair is not falling out due to protein use, so your statement above makes it sound like the protein is causing your hair to fall out???? Unjury label (I’ve been using it for over 6 months now) says that if it’s too hot it changes the texture making it clumpy.


    Your Name

    sorry, I didn’t add my name, it’s Cheryl.


  • 7
    john d

    awesome product and supports small business!!


  • 8

    I have IBS-D and when things are bad Im afraid to eat anything. I can get very weak and wonder if this would help. My body cant tolerate anything with magnesium in it. I didnt see that listed in the ingredients.


  • 9
    elsaida laprade

    i used unjury lost 40 lbs then stopped i dont gain back but dont looseany more going back on it it mix and taste good love it


  • 10

    Ordered some Unjury protein powders after reading all the glowing reviews on their website. Well, I find the product to be completely dreadful and feel I am owed an apology. Tried to post similar negative review on their website but they won’t put it on the website – only the glowing reviews are published – curious? Please use caution when buying Unjury


  • 11
    Shirley Osman

    Have used Unjury whey protein powder for 5 months post sleeve gastrectomy surgery and have lost almost 80 lbs. It mixes with no lumps, tastes great mixed with water, and the new chocolate flavor mixed with warm decaf coffee is the way I start my day.


  • 12

    I have used Unjury for the past 1 1/2 yrs, have lost 150 lbs w/gastric by-pass surgery & have been able to keep it off. I have been eating a protein bar that I get at Sam’s by Premier nutrition. This bar has 30 g protein, 0 trans fat, 23g total carb, 7 fat g & 280 calories. Is this a good choice?


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