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Urban Rebounding is a cardio workout program that can be used in all age groups. The basis of the program is a small trampoline with a detachable stabilizing bar. The trampoline fits one person, and when purchased includes a DVD with six workouts. There are other DVDs available with many more workouts.

The Urban Rebounding website claims that using its workout plan will result in a strengthened heart, reduced blood pressure, improved circulation, weight loss and lower cholesterol. They also mention that working out will help fight fatigue and improve agility. The website contains no scientific studies or data supporting the weight loss and fitness claims made on its website.


This product has no ingredients.

Product Features

A marital artist named J.B. Berns created the workout routines for Urban Rebounding. He combined his experience with martial arts with some core muscle training to create this trampoline based cardio workout. Fitness Magazine called J. B. Berns one of the top personal trainers in the United States.

The Urban Rebounding system can be ordered online or used at your local fitness center. The system can be found in over five thousand fitness centers in the United States. The recommended workout time is 20 minutes per day.

The official website for Urban Rebounding sells a lot of different products that will change up your workout. There are workout movies for kids, various compilations, and resistance bands for more advanced use. There is a 30-day money back guarantee offered as well.

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  • Cardio workouts are proven to help you lose weight and improve your overall health.
  • Urban Rebounding is very low impact.


  • The Urban Rebounding program is fairly expensive.
  • The beginning package costs over $160 by the time you pay for shipping.
  • Some people don’t have the motivation to use a product like this for more than a couple weeks.
  • People with physical limitations won’t be able to use this product effectively.


Urban Rebounding is a unique workout program. Everyone has seen those little trampolines laying around but generally, people let their kids have them to jump in the pool with or to play around on. This program has many workouts that the entire family can take part in that might actually be fun. We don’t like how expensive this program is since you are essentially getting a mini-trampoline with a handlebar for almost $100.

If you really like the idea of bouncing on a mini-trampoline or have kids, this program might help your entire family become more healthy. Whether you decide to try Urban Rebounding or not, we recommend using a weight loss supplement that contains a powerful thermogenic ingredient to maximize your workouts and help you lose weight all day.

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3 User Reviews about Urban Rebounding

  • 1

    I purchased the urban rebounder to get in shape. When it arrived it had no cds. And no resistance bands as I was told came with it from the urban rebounder web site. So I contacted them and was told thy would send them out. Thy came. So I opened the rebounder for the first time to set it up. To my surprise it was missing the wire to hold the springs. So this tells you thy have no quality control. So I called them and ask them to please pick it up and credit my account that this was not excitable. To me as a new product. I was told I had to pay to ship it back to them and get a partial refund. I as to speak to a supervisor and was told thy would return my cal in a few days. So I took maters into my own hands and contacted my bank and got a full refund. Contacted urban and told them what the bank did and all thy could do is be nice and say that thy were sending out a call tad from ups to get there item. It is so sad to see how thy work there business.


  • 2

    why not just get a mini trampoline from walmart


  • 3

    I have ordered a urban rebounder and the legs are not even, it has about a half inch gap under 4 of the 6 legs. Very disappointed with product!