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An urban rebounding system is just a technical and rather verbose way of describing a trampoline, and is a system that is being marketed by J B Berns, who has been practicing martial arts for more than twenty years, and who claims to have a reputation of being called one of the leading personal trainers in the United States. He says he used this experience to design a “low-impact” trampoline when he was recuperating from an injury to his knee. His trampoline is a “one-man” system with a diameter of about 2 feet, and he named it the Urban Rebounding System. He claims that millions of units have been sold to date, and that the Gym unit (supposed to be a little more sturdy than the home unit) has been endorsed by more than three thousand gymnasiums around the world that use the system.

In order to back up and enhance his system J B has also made a number of fitness and health videos which can be bought worldwide from a number of online sources. The Gym Urban Rebounding System is claimed to be exceptional, being designed for continual use in a gymnasium environment. It weighs a little over thirty pounds and is made of tough tubular steel. The material that the mat is made of is supposed to be less slippery when it becomes wet, and with more than a thousand stitches he says it will carry up to 400 lbs. It folds up in a similar way to the home unit.


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The Urban Rebounding System is brought about by the participant only jumping just a few inches off the mat each time, this serves to reduce the harsh impact that you get with other types of aerobic workouts. This can be a great deal of fun for all teens and toddlers, and even pensioners. With a weight limit of 400 lbs it means that a big cross section of different shapes and sizes can also workout. This is a safe and completely effective type of aerobics that affords a surprisingly demanding cardiovascular workout without putting too much stress on the heart, joints or muscles. Carried out entirely on a distinctive spring-driven device, this type of exercise enables the body to workout harder and longer, because it does not have to suffer the shock and stress of working out on a harder surface.

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  • The body can endure longer and harder workouts because there is no jarring from a hard floor.
  • Improves the balance and co-ordination like no other workout can.
  • A powerful total body workout


  • The website makes some extraordinary claims that are unlikely to be true.
  • A very hyped up website with far too many claims to be believable.


Jumping in order to get fit has been used in a rehabilitative way for many years. When the Urban Rebounding Program came onto the scene it was supposed to have brought about a well-researched new technology that could be used as a group fitness method to create the greatest cardiovascular workout appropriate for the gymnasium. The Urban Rebounding System involves vigorous total body exercises that are claimed to be found in more than 5,000 health clubs and gyms around the world.

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    Louis Costanza

    what is the weight capacity of the urban rebounder ?