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URI International is a company located in Utah that supplies consumers with nutritional products that aim to improve overall health and well being. This company has been around for over 20 years now, and a key focus is whole food products that are live and nutrient-rich. Like many other manufacturers, URI International claims to provide supplements of the highest quality and work the most effectively. The actual ingredients are stated to be synergistic, wholesome and premium. There is a convenient FAQ section provided on the official website to answer common questions.

Under the product categories for URI International, you will find lines like Home Care, Whole Food, Weight and Fitness, Targeted Needs, Personal Care, and Accessories. After taking a look at the Weight and Fitness category, there appear to be five different product types offered. These are The Feast Supercharged, The Feast Supercharged 3X, Super Trim, Multi Blockers and Multi Meal. All of these products are available for purchase directly through the official website. To focus more specifically on one URI International supplement, we will take a look at Super Trim. This is basically an oral supplement that aims to help with serious weight management. Although it is said to contain a proprietary blend of wholesome, natural ingredients, there are no specific components mentioned. The cost of this dietary supplement is $56.95.


Not available on the official website.

Product Features

The URI International product line is one that is geared toward overall health and nutrition. One of the main focuses of this brand is weight management and fitness. While there are five different products offered for this specifically, there is very little information provided for review. This naturally makes it difficult to fully understand what it is the products do and how they may be beneficial. From what is offered on the website, there are no common weight loss ingredients incorporated into the Super Trim supplement. There is a feature on the website that allows you to sign up with URI International in order to receive discounts on their products regularly.

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  • All of the URI International products are sold directly through the website.
  • These products may assist with overall health, as well as weight loss and daily nourishment.


  • At this time, there are no success stories or testimonials provided on the website.
  • The cost of URI International supplements is rather high in comparison to many others.
  • None of the key active ingredients for these products are listed out for review.
  • It is unclear how URI International weight management supplements aid with healthy fat reduction.


All in all, URI International supplements appear to be unique in some ways. First of all, these products are claimed to be made from synergistic, wholesome and premium natural ingredients. Also, these products are easily available on the website. However, some individuals may be turned off by the lack of key ingredients posted on the website. Not to mention, it is not clarified what URI International weight reduction supplements actually do to aid with fat loss.

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