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Ursobolic is an E-Pharm Nutrition supplement that claims to increase the amount of fat your body burns and promote lean muscle mass at the same time. It control estrogen yet claims to be non-hormonal. The only ingredient in the product is Ursolic Acid. Ursolic acid appears to work similarly to conjugated linoleic acid in that it decreases fat and increases lean muscle just enough so the scale does not move. Thus, the dieter will not see a change in weight, but they should see a “dramatic” change in body composition, according to E-Pharm. That is asking a lot of the dieter who usually gauges success by weight loss. There are clinical study references on the E-Pharm website.

List of Ingredients


  • Ursolic Acid

Product Features

Both links to the clinical study lead to the same study. According to Cell Metabolism, mice that were given an extract from the skin of an apple lost less muscle strength while taking the supplement. The rats fasted while taking Ursolic acid, so the results have nothing to do with dieting and muscle loss or humans, for that matter. The researchers even noted that they have no idea if humans are affected the same way or if Ursolic acid can be consumed in natural form or supplement form for best results.

The effect of Ursolic acid on the lab mice took weeks of consumption, this fact is not mentioned in the product description. It is thought that Ursolic acid may have an effect on glucose levels, so dieters with diabetes should not take this supplement.

E-Pharm claims that Ursolic acid “shrinks fat cells”, but this is not mentioned in the clinical study. The only thing mentioned in the study was the effect of Ursolic acid on fasting lab mice.

E-Pharm goes on to say that the effects of Ursolic acid in the clinical study made it seem like fat was turning to muscle. This is not the case and the literature published on Science Daily and Cell Metabolism does not support this claim.

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  • May have some impact on human muscles, though it has not been tested in humans.
  • Lab mice got leaner and increased lean muscle mass.


  • This product has never been tested on humans.
  • The effect on humans dieting, rather than fasting, is likely very different than the effect on lab mice.
  • The lab mice got leaner – they did not burn more fat.
  • E-Pharma alludes to clinical results not published with the study.


Ursobolic is not the next big weight loss supplement. Clinical studies would have to be started and complete, analyzed and published before any human results were available and that could take more than a decade.

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